Spaz Attack

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here are some thing that I don't want to forget about this time in our lives.

- Chase saying "Mommy, are we going to Chuck E Cheese?" every time we get in the car. He always asks even though he knows we are not going there! He has a smirk on his face when he asks and it cracks me up every time!

- If Chase wakes up from this nap and Tyler is still napping, he will cry for Tyler.

- If we ask Chase who his favorite friend is, he says it is Tyler.

- Tyler and Chase do this thing at the dining table. They put their feet together and say, "Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you." They think it is so funny!

- Tyler's reading is getting better. His penmanship is another story. He writes just like Jason.... I guess he is destined to become a doctor or engineer!

- Chase sometimes call me "mom" instead of mommy, and he thinks that is funny.

- Both the boys stayed up to finish the movie ET while it took daddy only four days (cause he kept falling asleep!).

- Yesterday, I told the boys we were going outside to play with bubbles. I told them to wait by the door while I went inside to get the container of bubble solution and this is what I heard Tyler say to Chase. "Chase, come here and sit down. We need to have a conversation. Don't worry, you're not in trouble or anything, but I need to tell you to be careful not to spill the bubble solution, ok? Also, you can't try to leave the area because I won't let you leave. You got it?" Tyler was saying it like he was an adult or something! Of course, I fetched my camera to record it and told Tyler to say the same thing to Chase all over again, but it wasn't the same because Tyler kept looking over at the camera. Anyways, it was so cute that I just had to write it in here!

Happy Halloween! I didn't have plans to dress up but I think I will dress up like an 80's girl. I will try to post some pics later! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some random pics from this month. They are totally out of order. Sorry!

Chase at Sea World with his Halloween treats. Jason could not believe that they were giving out so many treats! He said that America is "awesome." haha.

Tyler watching tv on our new sectional...finally!

On our walk to breakfast in SD. The leaves were falling, the air was crisp, and it seemed like Fall had finally arrived!

Tyler with his heavy bag of Sea World treats!

With daddy in Fresno. Doesn't Jason look nice all cleaned up? It was over 100 degrees and we were so hot!

Neela doing art based on Picasso. Yes, I teach my kids about cubism!

Neela and Tyler studying maps together. I give them mini projects to do all the time so they have to work together to come up with a solution.

The boys being silly while waiting for their breakfast! Yay for our new sectional!

The boys like to put on shows for us. Here Chase is dancing and Tyler is trying to put on his cape.

In SD. Of course, Tyler asked me to take a picture of him standing on train tracks.

In SD. Jumping with grandma and grandpa.

SD. "Whew!!"

SD. Thank God for the markers we got at Sea World! That kept them busy for thirty minutes!

SD. In front of the hotel with grandparents.

The line for breakfast was so long, Tyler and Chase made grandpa this leaf belt!

SD. Chase was so tired!

The line for breakfast was 45 minutes long! Can you believe it?! It was yummy, but don't know if it was worth the wait!

SD. Granpa pushing Chase around at Sea World.


Tyler loves coloring everything "multi-colored."

In Fresno, we spent most of our time at the children's museum because it was too freakin' hot to be outdoors. When we got there, they were letting the first 25 people in free that day and we were number 22, 23, and 24! Made me happy!

Fresno museum.

Fresno museum.

Fresno. Love this pic of Tyler. He looks so happy that his little maze worked!

The boys working on their art.

I asked the kids to put these paint swatches from light to dark. It took the kids some time to figure out.

Tyler with his best friend Hadley. They love putting on doctors' uniforms and playing doctor. Guess who is the patient? Poor Chase!

The kiddos at school were asked to match the whole fruit to half fruit. I aim to do things with the kids that you normally wouldn't see at a "regular" preschool.

Claudia at home. She is due in a month!!

"What cha looking at?"

"Oh, you want me to smile!"

My baby!

I probably won't be posting any more pictures of my school on this page from here on out. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gosh, just when I think I can leave the boys alone for awhile, they do something to prove me wrong! Chase just poured bubble solution down the drain! It was the majorly expensive ones that they sell at Gymboree...moms, you know what I'm talking about right? I'm mad at myself for #1, buying it in the first place, #2, leaving it out for Chase to find!

Not happy that Jason has gone out to buy his morning coffee right now. He purposely gets his weekend coffee on his motorcycle so he can't bring it back to drink, which means he HAS to sit at Starbucks for an hour enoying his damn brew! Sometimes, I think I am just TOO NICE! :)


I am so the morning person. I love waking up recharged and ready for the day! I get the most done in the mornings too.

On today's agenda: get my hair done! I'm not sure what I am going to do. Color? Perm? Cut? I asked Jason the other day and he asked, "What takes the shortest amount of time?" I answered that the cut would take the shortest amount of time and he said that I should do that. Oh, men!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Is it just me? I feel like crap when I eat crap! For dinner tonight, I took the boys to get some fast food Chinese. They had some Chinese roasted duck on the menu and for some reason (like I'm a fat ass), I ordered that too. The last time I ate this was over 15 years ago. It wasn't even cheap... about $10 for half a duck. I came home and ate about five pieces and will most likely throw away the rest. You do the math. And the worst part of it is that it didn't even taste good! It was cold and the skin wasn't even crispy (and had visable FEATHERS on it!)...isn't that suppose to be the best part? Oh, and there was so much FAT on it? Is there suppose to be layers and layers of fat everywhere? Don't know. Well, I do know that I will never eat THAT again!

Oh, and it put me in the foulest mood! Chase just woke up and was calling for me and I was sighing all the way up the stairs. I get mad at myself when I treat the boys like they are nuisances to me so now I'm feeling guilty!

Moral of the story: Don't eat roasted duck. You will feel guilty on so many counts. Guilty for wasting money. Guilty for actually WANTING crispy duck skin. Guilty for only eating five pieces. Guilty that the five pieces has 1000 calories in it. Guilty for sighing while getting your child. Guilty that your stuffed stomach is hindering you from going to sleep. GUILTY!!! Don't ever do it! It's not worth it!

The boys just fell asleep. I should be really happy cause it is only 7:00 but I feel horrible. We had a play date from 1:30-4:00, right after my daycare kids left so the boys missed their naps today. Seriously, I feel so wiped out right now. I'm exhausted. After today, I'm thinking that I can't really plan any play dates in the future. I just have to think that the 8:30-1:00 "school" time is enough "play date" time for them....well, for me! I don't think I can go from 8:30-4:00 with a group of kids here. It's too much for me. I didn't have energy to cook so we got gross take out, making me feel fat on top of tired. I wish I could just go to sleep too but I have to clean up and get ready for tomorrow. Wha...wha...wha.... sorry to vent! Jason's not here so I have no one to cry to! :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Got back from SD last night. I could seriously could live in that city!

I bought some sweatpants for the boys and Tyler wore it for the first time today. He said it was super soft and that he wanted to wear it every day. Yes, Tyler, mommy feels the same way!

Wow, is time flying by faster and faster these days or is it just me? I can't believe the holidays are around the corner...amazing! My favorite time of year...can't wait! :)

For Halloween this year, the boys will be wearing costumes we have around the house. Oh, what a difference an year makes because I recall that last year I wanted Tyler to wear a new costume and would not have wanted him to wear the same costume twice. This year, it's all about saving money for a rainy day and only buying necessities.

Happy Monday! Wishing y'all a great week! My first week with kids every day...wish me luck!

Friday, October 02, 2009

I ask Tyler four questions before he goes to sleep each night. His "high" for the day, his "low" for the day, one thing he learned (want to show him that it's important to be a life long learner), and one thing he did for someone that day (want him to know that it's important to be a caring, helpful person). And then we pray together, including things from what he answered to the four questions.

Anyways, he just came up to me and said, "I know what how I'm going to answer when you ask me what I learned today!" I asked him what and he said, "That unicorns live next to rainbows." He is watching Dora right now and I guess that's what he learned from it! Awww...don't kids just make you smile?

I think Chase has hit my favorite stage in toddlers- when they start to talk more and their sentences are so funny and cute. He is at that age where you can actually see him thinking about what he is going to say next. It's so adorable when kids hit this age, I swear.

You know what I really want to collect? A beautiful, girly, frilly tea set collection for at least 12 people. I want it all mismatched and flowery. I am totally inspired by wanderingchopstick's collection! I love her collection and I love the fact that it didn't cost her a lot of money. This is my new mission in life! I am so excited to collect one set at a time and have a story behind each excited! :)

I told myself that I would take the boys to Disneyland this morning but I have no energy. We are just spending a lazy day at home so far. I'm counting down to the moment my in laws show up so I can go shopping for my first cup and saucer!

Hello to Jenn all the way in New York...can't wait to see you in two weeks!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hello hello! I think I'm addicted to McDonald's iced coffee. I get one practically every day. oh great.

Not much happening here. Starting next week, I'm working Monday thru Friday. I have twins who are coming. I haven't met the kids yet but the mom came by and she made them sound like little monsters. I'm hoping she was just exaggerating and it will be ok, but she seriously got me scared!

(Edited....just in case. :)

Tomorrow is my last free day with both the boys so I'm thinking of taking them to Disneyland. Then we are off to San Diego for the weekend.

Susan, have a great time on your vacation!! Relax, eat and .... um, use your fanny pack! :) haha...