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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here was our view of Seoul from our hotel balcony.

The boys had so much fun on the balcony! They would look outside, run me a heart attack!

They would just sit and laugh and laugh!

Isn't my Chase getting so big now? We call him our little rascal because he is much more of a dare devil and has a CRAZY laugh....sounds like a drunk old man! I will have to post a video of him laughing one day. You won't believe it unless you hear it yourself. It sounds CRAZY!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here is our visit to Seoul Tower after we went to the Korean Village.

Sorry, once again, the pictures are in reverse order so start at the last picture and move up!

Here is a picture of the boys at the tower.

The view from the tower.

Finally made it to the tower. Here we are on the elevator.

I took a picture of what was over our heads while we walked to the beautiful, right?

Then we had to walk to the tower. Whew...the hill was really steep!

The bus drops you off and you have to walk some of the way. Here is a picture of Seoul where the bus dropped us off.

After lunch, we had to ride a bus up to the tower. I think this is the boys' first bus ride ever.

I had to take picture of the restaurant. I know, it's a small hole in the wall, but it was good!

After the Korean Village, we had a shabu shabu lunch. It was healthy, delicious and dirt cheap...yummy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're in the market to buy our first home! It's exciting but also very scary because it's a big chunk of change! Since we've been looking, our finances have come to light and there are two things that I wanted to share that I am proud of. One, I am proud of my dang good credit score (over 800). My dad told me when I went off to college to be scared- very scared- of buying things on credit and his advice stuck with me. Second, I am and will always be proud of the fact that I was totally 100% debt free when Jason and I got married. No credit card debt and no school loans. I took out some school loans for college but most of it was "forgiven" when I was a teacher. Don't be knocking teachers, y'all! People would be like, "Why the heck are you teaching?" And in my head, I would be like, "Dude, all my school loans will be gone by my third year of teaching!" Well, I am sure that any loan forgiveness programs for teachers are most likely gone now but I am so glad that I was teaching at the right time to benefit from them!

Tyler is becoming a smart-ass. (Is there a nicer way of saying that, cause calling your son a smart-ass doesn't sound right.) The other day when I saw him pushing Chase in the back so fast that Chase looked like he was going to fall over, I told Tyler to stop. His response? "Mom, I'm just helping him walk." When I looked at him with stern eyes, he said, "I'm guiding him!" This morning, when Chase woke up, Tyler was jumping on him. I mean, like WWF moves and Chase started to cry. Guess what Tyler said when I told him to stop? "Mom, I'm just giving him a hug!" Oh my! Kids crack me up!

So, back to being on the hunt for a house. We saw this house and it would be perfect if I start a daycare at my house. For some reason, this has always been a dream of mine. My mom and my sister are like, "Why do you always talk about that? Just don't do anything! Stop talking about this daycare business!" But, I WANT to work and do SOMETHING! Making some income would be nice too. We'll see what happens.

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Hang tight till the weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2009

One day in Korea, we went to Hanouk Village. Here are some pictures that we took that day. We were there for a couple of hours and Chase slept the whole time so there are not many pictures of him.

There was this man showing all these things that could be made by straw. Here, he is making shoes.

Tyler standing in front of the straw exhibit.

This was a huge time capsule. Inside, there are gifts from all over the world. Wonder what USA put in the time capsule.

Tyler in front of an old Korean home.

Daddy and Tyler. The Seoul Tower is in the background.

There were school children everywhere we went! They were so adorable.

Tyler and Mommy pounding rice...possibly to make rice cakes?

Picture of the old/new feel of Seoul. Love it!

Some old stuff!

Some more old stuff!

With mommy at the village.

Tyler took this picture of us. Yay! Maybe we'll have more pictures from now on.

Tyler and daddy holding hands. We were so overprotective in Korea!

Village with daddy.

School children playing some old games in an courtyard.

The boys at the village. Sorry time you will see the whole thing!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello! Here are the first set of pictures from Korea. This day we went to Lotte World with my cousin, Eunhwa. It's very similar to every other amusement park, but I loved it because most of the park is indoors so we didn't have to worry about the weather. Plus, they sell amazingly cheap and good Korean food!

Trains, trains, trains. We couldn't escape them...even in Korea!

Tyler went on this scary ride by himself. I was really worried that he would cry in the middle of it or something, but he liked it and wanted to get back on when it was over.

Subway ride to Lotte World. When we were in Korea, they rode taxis, buses, and subways! Oh, and we got there on an airplane!

The boys went on this ride at least five times! Look how excited Tyler is!

Tyler insisted on taking a picture in front of his favorite ride at Lotte World!

Here is a view of the place from the top.

With mommy at Lotte.

Chase and mommy on the carousel.

The food at Lotte World. Can you believe they sell this stuff at an amusement park?

Family picture.

Daddy taking a break.

Tyler and daddy on the carousel. Tyler has the same smile as his daddy!

Bumper car with cousin Eunhwa.

Tyler's last scary ride of the day. Chase was pretty sad he couldn't go on it with Tyler...Next time, Chase!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Brothers. Just noticed that Chase's zipper is down. Oops!

Chase showing off his new fox. Don't ask about his pajamas. Tyler makes us cut off the ends so Chase wanted it cut off too! Oh, and don't look at the kitchen set in the background either! The boys got it for Christmas from their Auntie Janice...Jason was rather disappointed that we kept it!

Tyler loves trains! He even loves drawing them! haha... Do you see the smoke coming out from their heads?

The boys at Sea World. I just like this picture.

Some random pics for this morning. I should be getting Tyler ready for school...what am I doing online?!

Tyler picked up his toy screwdriver yesterday and said, "ScrewDRIVER, where is your car? Get it, mommy? I just said a joke. A driver needs a car!"

Then he picked up his monkey wrench and said in a manly voice, "I am a monkey wrench, but I don't look like a monkey!" Then he laughed like he just said the funniest thing in the world.

Tyler is growing bigger and bigger every day. The stuff he says amazes me. Yesterday, he begged me to take his training wheels off his bike. "Mommy, I saw a boy at the park riding his bike without training wheels and I think I can balance myself too." The way he said it, sounding so serious and grown up, made me laugh and give him a hug.

Another thing he said yesterday. We were talking about how you get to heaven. I told him that that the way you go to heaven is by telling God that you believe in him and ask him to come into his heart. He looked at me worried and said, "Then Chase can't go to heaven because he doesn't know how to talk yet and he can't tell God." I reassured him that Chase would be with us in heaven one day but he still looked confused. Hmmm...wise boy.

Too bad I don't remember all the things he says to me so I could write it in here. I already beat myself up for not taking more videos of them. The least I could do is write down some stuff that they do and say!

Chase is getting bigger too and talking a lot more. He is becoming a little boy as well...yay! I keep saying that I am looking forward to when he is 2 1/2 years old. For some reason, I keep thinking my life will get easier when the boys get a little bit older. I said this to someone who has to older boys and she said that every stage comes with its unique challenges...oh great! :)

On our way to church.

Daddy with the boys.

I love my brother!

Getting ready for Korea. Tyler put his Emma in the backpack and took this picture.

Chase getting used to this backpack. We ended up not taking it...Thank God that we took the double stroller instead!

Bubble Fest at the Discovery Center.

Chuck E Cheese with Grandpa.

I think babies are cute even when they cry!

Pictures from Korea coming soon.... :)
Have a great weekend!