Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Monday, April 30, 2012

random thoughts:

1. went to tyler's field trip with chase today. yay! it was very cute to see them holding hands and tyler being so protective over his little brother. tyler will bonk chase in the head at home, but put them together in front of tyler's classmates and you would think tyler was chase's bodyguard! haha...

2. i love singing the chorus to this song to the boys when they are not listening to me! "skip the drama...come to mama.." haha

3. one of my favorite characters in a movie is the gingerbread man from shrek. how can you not laugh at that voice? i wish i had that voice!

4. one of my favorite things to give random strangers are coupons!! i'm not kidding. if i have a good coupon and i have extras, i always take it with me to a store or wherever and hand them out to people who don't have one. you wouldn't believe how thankful people are!! is that a strange thing to do? i usually take extra coupons with me to bed, bath, and beyond and to fresh choice (a souplantation wannabe up in roseville, where they have buy one buffet and get one free) and other places.. when we were at universal studios this past spring break, we found out from the concierge that a arrowhead water label from any bottle would take $15 off the ticket price. we had 6 people in our group so we took 7 labels, but when we got to the ticket counter, the man said that one label would be good to take $15 off each ticket. so what did i do with the other labels? i ran around and handed them out to people! i looked for people who were in big groups. they first looked at me like i was crazy because the label didn't even have the offer printed on them or anything but i assured them it would work and then pranced off. i didn't really stick around to see them use it, but one lady found me in the park later in the day and said, "you save us $75. thank you so much!" i was so happy! it makes my day. it doesn't cost me a cent and i'm helping other people out. what a win win win situation, right? feel free to call me the coupon fairy. :)

the house is a mess right now. isn't it weird that it gets the messiest over the weekend...probably because because my third child is at home.

gotta go clean up!! ttyl!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

random thoughts: 1. feeling tired today. jason took the boys to see a movie. maybe i should take a nap? hmmm... i really should take full advantage of this quiet time. 2. here i am trying to lose a couple of pounds and guess what jason walks into the house with yesterday? a 4 pound box of see's chocolates! yup... they sell those and it's pretty big. i know, it's like my husband wants to keep me fat and wants the boys to ask me every second if they could have piece and aggravate me!! 3. tyler's last day of school is may 31st and chase's is june 6th. can't wait till the summer so i can hang out with the boys! hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

had a good morning. dropped the boys off at school and went to a zumba class.

there was this older gentleman with a mustache taking the class. you don't see too many men taking zumba classes and it was hard for him to follow the moves. for some reason, it was sooo cute! he looked like he had lost a dare and his punishment was to take this class. i wanted to tell him good job when the class was over but didn't want to embarrass him. he was a trooper....lasting the whole hour. good for him. don't know the man, but i was very proud and happy for him!

i'm not a good dancer, but i am able to follow the moves at this silly little zumba class and that makes me so happy. i just love music and moving my body! it is such a wonderful feeling to mix the two things that i love into one hour. i always think that music is a gift from god and i'm just glad that i can really appreciate it.

during this class, i was thinking that if i had a little girl, i would want dancing to be a part of her life. there is nothing bad that can come out of loving to dance and loving music! i think jason would have a heart attack if i made dancing a big part of the boys' lives, but i am going to make sure that they love being active (cause mama hates sports, but she can run! :)

so, right when i got into the car after my zumba class, this song came on the radio and i swear i got teary eyed. i love steven curtis chapman. i know that i don't have a little "cinderella" but yes, i imagine myself dancing with the boys at their weddings too, and one day, it will "turn midnight and they will be gone." tears. i love them so much.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

random thoughts:

1. one time i was talking to susan while she was at the mall before the stores opened and she told me that she saw some people walking around the mall and exercising in their sneakers. so a friend and i tried it the other week and it was nice! the mall closest to my house even has a walking program sponsored by kaiser! once a month, they give out t-shirts and pedometers and motivate you join a mall walking group. kind of cool, right? exercise, window shop and be out of the elements? me like! :)

2. yesterday, i took chase to the disneystore right when it opened. did you know they do a little store opening presentation at the disneystore every morning? it's nothing big but kind of cute. they give one child (usually the first child in line) a store key to "open" the store and the child gets to take the key home. chase thought it was cool! :)

3. i'm scared to go back to the tutoring center with chase today. what if this lady is a complete basket case and she attacks me or chase? what if she does something to my car? what do you think i should do? i was only planning on taking chase five more times but now i don't know if it is worth it. any advice will help me!

4. also, just thinking about the incident that happened on monday, i realize that the lady was pissed off to begin with. it had nothing to do with me. she was in a pissed off mood and just took it out on me. and yes, i think since i was talking in korean, it might have pissed her off more. who knows. if she had said something to me in a polite voice and with some nice words, of course, i would have apologized....but she just had a nasty look on her face from the second i parked my car next to hers. some people!

5. just joined a gym! excited because they have zumba classes. yay!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

random thoughts:

1. i love cook books. i love to look through them, which is so ironic since i don't really like to cook. there is not a cook book that i don't want to purchase. weird, huh?

2. i would much rather give the boys a pasta meal than a meal with white rice. i hate white rice. it is so void of any nutrition! i grew up eating it for nearly every's no wonder i'm the way i am! pasta is usually enriched and i feel much better having the boys eat that.

3. i had a weird thing happen to me today. i got into a parking spot and i was talking on the phone with a friend in korean using my bluetooth when i noticed that the lady next to me was giving me an ugly look. so figuring she didn't want to hear my conversation, i closed my window. then she got out of the car to go into a store, and thinking that the coast was clear, i put my window down and continued talking. in a minute or so, i saw her returning to the car so i lifted up my window again. i could sense that she was mad about me being on the phone or something. while the window was going up, she yelled at me, "i could hear you talking." i just looked at her and shrugged, then she said, "fuck you. i can hear your conversation." i was totally shocked! so i said to her, "fuck you. what's the big deal?" then, as the windows were closed on both cars, i continued talking and laughing like i was having the time of my life! after awhile, i had to get out of the car to get chase who was finishing up his work at a tutoring center. then she followed me into the center and it dawned on me that she was waiting for her daughter at the center as well (which shocked me because why would someone like her even care about her daughter's education?). she sat right across from me and continued to stare me down and take pictures of me. i just texted people and tried really hard not to stare back at her ugly face. then, when her daughter was done, she left the center with her daughter and started taking pictures of my car. i wanted her to know that i took her picture of her license as well, so while she was walking around my car, i mouth to her, "i have your licence too." that made her irate. she stormed back into the center, put her finger in my face and said, "oh, anyone can be tough sitting inside a car" and walked to the back. then i heard her talking to the director of the center saying, "i just want you to know that i am going to call the police and make a report right now because that lady sitting in the waiting area is taking pictures of me and my daughter." the director tried to calm her down and then i heard the crazy woman come around the corner and say to me, "can i talk to you for a moment?" i got up and followed her into the director's office. the first thing out of her mouth, "do you know that EVERYONE can hear your conversation?" i was like, "i was sitting in my car with the windows up." then she told me that she was going to call the police and i told her that was fine. she asked if i took pictures of her and i told her that i did not. don't worry, i wan't apologetic or anything and trust me, i thought it would be really funny if she called the police and looked like a freakin idiot. i just wanted her to know that this was about nothing and it wasn't a big deal. who cares if she heard my conversation for about two whole minutes?! oh my went on like this and at the end, she just walked out without calling the police. i couldn't believe this lady!!! in my head, i just kept thinking, "someone forgot her meds today." i felt like i was in a twilight zone. NOTHING like this ever happens to me. do you think i could have handled it better? well, maybe i shouldn't have cussed back at her, but damn, you can't talk to someone like that and think you're not getting it right back!! urgh!!!

4. hope you had a better day! i want out of here!! nothing like this ever happened in souther cali!!

Monday, April 09, 2012

one time i was eating dinner with some girls and one girl asked this other girl at the table (we"ll call her jessie), "did you date a lot when you were younger?"

jessie cupped her face under her chin and said, "of course i did. look at this face."

later, after dinner, another person who was at the table said to me in the parking lot, "jessie is so full of herself. don't you think her response was soooo conceited?"

i was like, "no. i don't think she is conceited at all. she is actually a really sweet girl and i thought the comment was hilarious. plus, i think she IS gorgeous so it made the comment even funnier!"

i just love girls who are honest- girls who don't think about what they are going to say before they say it. girls who don't think of how they will be perceived with every comment that comes out of their mouth. i find girls who over think everything to be scary and manipulative! i like girls who can be so honest and just be themselves, even if it means turning some people away. i find it so refreshing!

so, yes, you can tell me you think you are perfect. or, you can also tell me your flaws and shortcomings too.

i will love you the more for it.

we are back to the grind here in roseville! the week in la was fun and went way tooo fast!!  here is a little summary of our days.

sunday: drive up and dinner with grandparents kim, check into hotel, walk around universal city walk
monday: universal studios all day, eat in korea town
tuesday: visit sophia and baby sadie (sooo cute!), getty meseum, dinner with auntie, cousin, and grandma park, check into new hotel
wednesday: disneyland all day with grandma park
thursday: target trip (haha), rest at hotel (finish hunger games), dinner with grandparents kim, do laundry (fun!)
friday: breakfast at hotel, rest (read catching fire), playdate with ockinderprep friends, and dinner at medieval with cousins, daddy out with his friends
saturday: breakfast with columbus grove friends, hang out with auntie, grandma park, katie, swimming, mommy out with her gfs
sunday: check out of hotel, breakfast with grandparents and drive back!

it went way tooo fast! wow... sorry to anyone i couldn't meet up with. :( seriously, the days went by so fast!! :(

now we are planning a camping trip for the summer! oh dear, you all know i hate camping! i will try. i shall try. i have to try...i am a mommy of two boys!!!