Spaz Attack

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Tyler growing up too fast, helping Mommy water the plants outside.

My Chase, always a happy, smiley baby.

Best buds forever.

Love to play with the trains!

Tyler put that plastic container on Chase's head. My silly boys.

Congratulations to my beautiful Kris on her engagement to Chris.
Love, Cris :)

What is going on here? It is 3:33 AM and Chase won't go back to sleep. The only reason I could think of for this is that he might be hungry since he wouldn't eat dinner tonight and I didn't force it on him. Maybe from now on, I will!

This past weekend, Jason and I took Tyler to watch Speed Racer while Chase stayed at home with my in-laws. I wasn't expecting much out of the film. Actually, I didn't know anything about it at all (didn't even know Korean singer, Rain, was in it!)expect that it was a movie about racing. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it! I came home to read some reviews and the critics mostly hated it. What is up with me always disagreeing with movie critics? I don't know what they want...meaning, profound message? They want movies like The Piano, and I just want to be entertained!

Last week, I had somewhat of an awkward conversation with someone. I was telling this person that there is website that I stalk. I have no idea how I found this site...probably by stalking other people first...haha. Well, the family has the cutest little girl who is a model. She's been in magazines and books and stuff so I find her young life interesting. Anyways, so I was telling this person about this site. And then, she started going off about blogs in a negative way, something along the lines of, "Well, if her parents want to parade her like that, and show the world 'look at our life' and 'look at the stuff that we own and do'. It's all very conceited." I didn't know what to say, since I have a blog! Then, she stopped herself and said, "Don't tell me you have a website" to which I replied that I did and she quickly changed the subject. Talk about awkward!

One thing that Jason and I are planning to do this summer is take the boys camping! Well, to prepare ourselves for a camp in a "real" place, I signed Jason and Tyler to a camp out in Irvine for a test run. Yes, in Irvine! I found this in the city's recreational program. I guess families bring tents and sleeping bags and food to the outskirts of Irvine and "camp" for the night. So anyways, I thought it was this past weekend and we went to Costco to get a tent, sleeping bags, insect repellent, etc. We came home and I packed food, clothes, toiletries, etc for them. The car was packed and they were ready for their adventure! Just before they were to leave, Jason called the lady in charge to find out if the roads would be closed after 10 PM just in case he got called in from work and the lady said the camp out was the following weekend!! Thank God he called before heading out! Oh my, sometimes, my head is in the clouds. Tyler was disappointed so Jason pitched the tent (chuckles) in the backyard and they actually slept outside on Saturday.

My Tyler will be going to school full time starting July. That is 9:00-3:00 Monday thru Friday. I have mixed emotions about this. Sometimes, I think that is too much for a three year old! I mean, come on now, that is like a full time job. But other times, I think he is ready. I try my hardest to plan educational things for him at home but sometimes, Chase has to come first and I can't do all the things I wish I could do with Tyler. I always go to sleep and ask myself, "Did Tyler get to do something out of the norm today? Did he learn something? Did he have an educational experience of any sorts?" and if the answer is no, I feel so darn guilty. So maybe going to school everyday won't be so bad.

Our anniversary is coming up! May 29th. I don't expect much. I married the most unromantic man alive! I don't know, most girls would be sad by this, I mean, by the fact that their husbands are unromantic, but really, I say I care but I don't. How do I know this? Well, first of all, Jason is who I married and I knew this about him before we got married so I obviously didn't care too much about that! I've dated guys who tried to be super romantic and I would just roll my eyes (on the inside) when they would do cute stuff they thought I would like. I would seriously want to barf. I hate it when guys do cute stuff or go too out of their way to plan something. Bake me a a cake? Gross! Make me a homemade card? Yeech! Decorate my place with balloons? Yuck, that is so girly! Not manly at all! I don't know, maybe I need some therapy to figure out why I am the way I am because I am sure most girls are not like me. I'll do a long post later why Jason is the perfect man for me. (Maybe I'll post that on our anniversary! Stay tuned!) And don't think I'll be writing that for Jason's eyes because he doesn't do cute stuff like read this site and leave me comments! :)

Katie's birthday is today! Happy Birthday to my sweet girl. Auntie loves you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yesterday, I think I slept wrong the previous night and my neck hurt when I woke up. I was telling Jason that I needed to go get a massage and Tyler stopped playing with his trains, came to me and massaged my neck and back! Well, actually, it was more like just hitting my back up and down, but it was the best massage that I ever got!

Yesterday, I was just sitting watching Chase and Tyler play and I was thinking how sad it would be if I didn't watch them grow up. Morbid and sad thought, I know, but my neck was in so much pain, I thought it could be something worse than just a tweeked neck. Anyways, so I asked Tyler, "Tyler, when we leave Earth, where will we meet up again?" See, Tyler knows about heaven and I thought that is what he would reply. But he said, "Costco, mommy." haha!

Some of my favorite lines of Tyler:
1. "Of course!" when I ask him to do something.
2. "I'm dehydrated!" when he wants water.
3. "He has dirty hands." when he wants Chase to let go of one of his belongings.
4. "...and stuff."
5. "Hmmm, I wonder."

Here are lyrics to the songs that Tyler has been singing lately. I just want to write it down so I can show him how cute he was when he becomes a teenager.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You never know, mom, how much I love you.
Happy Mother's Day!

(sung to ABC tune, I think. I'm tone deaf!)
Mommy, mommy, I love you.
Yes-I, Yes-I, Yes-I do.
I am glad that you are mine.
I will love you all the time.
Mommy, mommy, I love you.
Yes-I, Yes-I, Yes-I do.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It is 11:30...what am I doing still up? I should be sleeping so Tyler and Chase won't have an extra tired, snappy mommy in the morning.

On Thursday, Tyler's preschool class hosted a Mommy's Tea for Mother's Day. It was my first such event and I was amazed at how much Tyler has grown. The class sang two songs while the moms feasted on tea and scones made by the kids. Afterwards, we danced to Unforgettable, and Tyler surprised me with a keychain that he made in class. He is growing up too quickly! I think that ages 3-5 are the cutest phases that a child goes through and I just want to savor every second with Tyler. He is curious about the world and wants to be more independent, yet have his mommy next to him to protect him and keep him safe.

Chase is one smiley baby, much more so than Tyler was. He is giggly and always showing off his two bottom teeth. I can't wait till he starts talking!

Well, in some minutes, it will officially be Mother's Day. Maybe I should stay up and celebrated by my lonesome self. Rich sent me roses and Claudia sent me a gift basket...which I thought was really nice. I mean, it's Mother's Day and I'm not their mother! :) Jason still has one day to surprise me. hehe. And if he doesn't, I will remind him that I borne him his children! That deserves one day of recognition! :) If men could really just think about how it feels to have a growing baby inside them, pushing on their bladders, making it hard for them to breathe and walk, and then think about what labor and delivery is like, and what we go through after the baby is born, they would all kiss our toes and shower us with diamonds every day!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

My mom says that we feed into Tyler's Thomas obsession...what do you think? Here is a sampling of what we have at our house.

Thomas shirt and pants.

Even Thomas underwear!