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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yesterday, I think I slept wrong the previous night and my neck hurt when I woke up. I was telling Jason that I needed to go get a massage and Tyler stopped playing with his trains, came to me and massaged my neck and back! Well, actually, it was more like just hitting my back up and down, but it was the best massage that I ever got!

Yesterday, I was just sitting watching Chase and Tyler play and I was thinking how sad it would be if I didn't watch them grow up. Morbid and sad thought, I know, but my neck was in so much pain, I thought it could be something worse than just a tweeked neck. Anyways, so I asked Tyler, "Tyler, when we leave Earth, where will we meet up again?" See, Tyler knows about heaven and I thought that is what he would reply. But he said, "Costco, mommy." haha!

Some of my favorite lines of Tyler:
1. "Of course!" when I ask him to do something.
2. "I'm dehydrated!" when he wants water.
3. "He has dirty hands." when he wants Chase to let go of one of his belongings.
4. "...and stuff."
5. "Hmmm, I wonder."

Here are lyrics to the songs that Tyler has been singing lately. I just want to write it down so I can show him how cute he was when he becomes a teenager.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You never know, mom, how much I love you.
Happy Mother's Day!

(sung to ABC tune, I think. I'm tone deaf!)
Mommy, mommy, I love you.
Yes-I, Yes-I, Yes-I do.
I am glad that you are mine.
I will love you all the time.
Mommy, mommy, I love you.
Yes-I, Yes-I, Yes-I do.


Blogger allywally21 said...

your kids are SOOO cute. i miss you!

2:00 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

these are wonderful notes you are keeping for tyler. he is so cute and he knows his mommy so well. i am sure you will meet back at costco. =)

11:38 AM  

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