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Friday, March 28, 2008

I am really stressed out about something. I know I shouldn't be stressed out about it, but I am! Ok, let me explain... I bought a Jiffy Steamer from Costco a couple of weeks back and I was in love with it! I thought it was the most amazing product. I'm sorry if you came to my house during this time because I probably made you sit and watch a demo. Anyways, it's totally not working now. The steam goes on and off and I know it's broken. Well, thank goodness I bought it from Costco so I can easily return it but just looking at it in our closet makes me anxious! Maybe it's because I really hate returning things, especially if I've used it. I think maybe I did something wrong to break it and that makes me feel really guilty!

You know what I say in front of Tyler that I should stop saying? Sometimes, when I'm being dumb, I will pump my arms and say to Jason, "I must. I must... Increase my bust!" You know, just like that one book by Judy Blume. Today, I heard Tyler saying it to himself! Oh geez! I better watch what I say around my boys!

I have another favorite show on TV...after Jon and Kate plus 8, of course. It is I Shouldn't Be Alive. It's on Discovery Health Channel at 1:00 and if I time it correctly and make sure the boys are napping during this time, I can watch it. The people on the show narrate their life-threatening experiences while actors re-enact their experiences. For example, people stuck in snow or an African safari or in the ocean or amazon for days on the brink of death. I've learned so much from the show! I know how to make moccasins for my feet if I am stranded in snow, how to scare off mountain lions, and how to make a fire with things from my car... good stuff to know! I told Jason that if we're ever in a life threatening situation, just to stick with me and he just gave me a look. Actually, Claudia told me that nothing like this would ever happen to me because I would never be in a safari, snow, or desert...that is so true! I would never be stuck in a place like that because I would never go to any of those places in the first place...I'm not much of a "nature" girl. I would much rather be indoors, thank you. If I had a choice of hiking outside or hitting the gym and walking on the treadmill, I would probably pick the latter option, mostly because who needs the extra sun exposure? Man, I don't need to give myself any more wrinkles in the future! But, I digress. It is a good show so check it out!

The next sentence will be very shocking to those of you who know me: I have sworn off Costco. At least, I won't be making my WEEKLY trips to Costco for a long, long time. I was at a mom's group and someone said something that really hit home for me. She said, "I go to Costco and end up spending at least $100 and I still don't have anything to feel my family!" So true! I'm on a mission to save money, cook REAL meals for my family (not heat and serve!), and plan my meals in advance. This is my new goal for the year. It's not January 1st, but what the heck. I will post here how things are coming along. Wish me luck!

Well, hope you are doing well. I really wish I could post pictures on this site. What pictures would I post?

#1. A picture of Chase's inhaler. He was wheezing a bit and the doctor prescribed an inhaler. Nothing to worry about. It's not asthma or anything, just something he got with the cold. Anyways, we got the medication, but the mask cost $80 so Jason MADE a mask with a plastic's kind of funny looking. Wish I could share.

#2. When we visited my sister before Easter, she took us to a last minute Easter Egg Hunt. Since we hadn't planned on going to a hunt, I left Tyler's basket at home. We didn't have time to go buy another one, so we just went to the hunt. Poor Tyler! All the other kids had cute baskets and Tyler used a brown Trader Joes bag!! So sad! When the kids were taking group pictures, I tried to pry it out of his hands because it looked so ghetto and stuck out like a sore thumb, but he wouldn't let me have it! This bag ruined the cutest pictures ever!

#3. Flowers are blooming in our backyard! Since we didn't plant them, it's been a nice surprise ever time one flower comes up from the ground! Though I hate it when Jason spends money on flowers, I love flowers when it's free!

Hope you have a great week! Love, Cristina


Anonymous fk said...

#2. too funny. you know what that picture will become...

remember when we were kids and we had pictures our parents took -- kinda dull colored pictures and our parents had huge fobby, tinted glasses and we all had fros/bowl cuts/perms, and we were wearing such fobby clothes with short shorts and knee high socks -- and we look at the those pictures now in disgust and curse our parents for being so fobby and unhip...

well, that'll be tyler and chase in twenty years looking back on that easter egg "basket" picture, cursing you :)

good times...

6:04 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

i love your updates - you are hilarious! sorry about the steamer...why haven't you returned it yet? i can totally see you prying that shop tj's bag out of tyler's hands! poor baby!

2:06 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

Thanks fk! I feel a lot better!

Christine, thanks for leaving me comments! :)

8:55 PM  
Anonymous susan said...

HAHAHAHA! i'm just catching up on your blogs...

1) "I must increase my bust"?!?!?!?! i haven't heard that in ages!!!

2) chase's inhaler mask picture can be placed right next to tyler's helmet pictures. i can't wait for your kids to get older!

3) trader joe's paper bag?! i love it. that's going to be a classic photo. those are the stories that your kids can tell their friends about. ha!

12:04 PM  

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