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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I am in dire need of a complete makeover. I get in these long spells where I don't buy a single thing (it's been over 11 months since I bought a single piece of clothing!), and then I get these strong urges to replace my whole wardrobe and spend, spend, spend! I am at the latter state at the moment. When we moved, I donated half of everything I owned to charity. (some good suff, but some things that I haven't wore in ages and other things that I felt didn't fit right. Afterwards, I wondered why I didn't give the stuff to Claudia. I just wanted to purge everything at THAT moment. It was a impulsive thing, and if I didn't get rid of it RIGHT then, I would have changed my mind.) Anyways, I want some new stuff to replace the things I gave away. The weather is being a bit fickle in Cali this week, but I know that the hot weather is just around the corner so I want to get some summer clothes. I don't know why I share. This is a very superficial post but something that's been on my mind.

Oh, speaking of superficial, I hate my permed hair now! I want my straight hair back! I've been waking up looking like Medusa and there are like flyaways (is that what its called?) everywhere. I looked like a homeless person half of the time this winter. I'm surprised strangers didn't come up to me to give me some spare change and cry looking at my two poor homeless children.

Susan is getting married this Saturday. I'm so happy for her. What a lucky fella her soon to be husband is. I love weddings and can't wait to go with my hubby and sister on Saturday!

I was really PMSing yesterday and I got mad at Jason when he told me he was going to Brazillian jijitsu yesterday night. I don't care if he is studying martial arts from my native land, I told him I was tired and that I needed his help with the boys when he was done with work. His reply: "I'm tired too!" My reply: "Obviously not, if you are going to go WORKOUT for two heartless ogre!" Talk to me about being tired and then tell me you're going to workout in the same breath!

What else is going on? Oh, Happy Love Day to all of those in love, in need of love, or hopelessly in love.


Blogger Christine said...

yay for shopping! you don't look like medusa at all and i like the perm. i think you mean to say jason is an ogre and not an orge! =)

3:18 PM  

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