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Monday, January 21, 2008

First off, I have to say hi to Gina! Thanks so much for making my days more exciting! I love seeing your beautiful face when I turn on my computer and when I peruse magazines at Borders. I hope to see you soon.

Today, we had "family haircut day!" What is is about cutting split ends off your hair that makes you feel so light and airy? Well, I had about three inches cut and I feel five pounds lighter. Which makes me wonder why I don't just shave my whole head so I could completely get rid of this permanent bloated feeling that I have.

So Tyler is nearly potty trained (during the day at least), and I wanted to share how much he makes me laugh in the bathroom. Here are some of the comments he has made:
"Mommy, it looks like a hot dog."
"It looks like a big hot dog and a small hot dog."
"It looks like a fish. I see the face and tail."
"It looks like a noodle. Enough enough pasta pot (quoting the book Strega Nona)."
"It looks like tape."
"Mommy, it is two colors. It is tie dye."
"Yes, it is coming! I knew I could do it! (while pumping his arms in victory)"
"Mommy, I had to pee, but why is poo coming out? That's weird."

Tyler also makes me laugh when he talks for Chase. For example, I will say, "Who made this mess?" and he will say, "Chasey said he did it." Sometimes, I will hold family meetings with the boys and we will discuss important issues such as appropriate and inappropriate things to do when Mommy is on the phone. At the end of my lecture, I turn to Chase and ask, "Now Chase, do you understand what I am saying? I want my boys to be good boys and have manners. Will you be patient when Mommy is on the phone?" and Tyler will yell, "He says no, Mommy." And then I ask Tyler the same thing, he says, "Yes, I will" like a little angel.


Blogger Christine said...

how do little kids make even bathroom conversation so interesting and funny? too cute!

3:29 PM  
Anonymous alice said...

your kids are SOO cute!!! hi cristina!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Yolanda said...

ha ha who knew poop could be so fascinating?

10:13 AM  

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