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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I should be sleeping but I can't fall asleep for some reason. I was thinking about some things that I wish I had known before and thought I would share.

- Did you know that Bed, Bath, and Beyond accepts expired coupons, and coupons for Linens and Things (even if those are expired!) and also, you can use as many as you have at one time? For example, we went last week and bought 10 items. I used 10 coupons for one transaction- 5 for Bed, Bath, and Beyond and 5 for Linens and Things. I wish I had known this earlier because I threw away a lot of expired coupons!

- I started to put in an egg when I make mac and cheese for Tyler. It makes me feel better knowing that he is getting extra protein and omega 3's. I wish I had done this earlier. I actually think it tastes better.

- I wish I didn't waste money buying an expensive wooden step stool for Tyler. It is too heavy for him to carry! Now that he is toilet trained, I would like him to be able to move the stool from the sink to the toilet and back by himself without calling me into the bathroom every time he has to go. Now, I have to get a cheapy plastic one that he can carry easily. What a waste of money!

- On toilet training, I wish I didn't buy any size 2's or 3's underwear for Tyler. When you are toilet training your child, remember that your little one should be able to pull down and up their underwear easily and quickly...hence, the bigger the size, the better. We got Tyler size 4 recently and they are the perfect size for him. He barely used the 2's and 3's because they were too tight and he needed my help to pull them down.

- Have you heard of the book Deceptively Delicious? This book tells you to sneak in veggies into your child's food by pureeing vegetables and then putting them into foods that they will eat. I recently bought some premade organic baby food and now I put some of that in Tyler's food. It cuts out that extra step of making it and it makes me feel better that he is getting some peas and green beans in his diet. I don't know how long I will do this but I like the idea for now!

Here is my "mommy" post to moms out there!


Blogger Chopped Liver said...

I liked this post. It was honest.

1:15 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

omg! i never knew about the coupons! i always throw them away! and good to know about the potty training underwear! thanks!

11:53 AM  

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