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Saturday, May 10, 2008

It is 11:30...what am I doing still up? I should be sleeping so Tyler and Chase won't have an extra tired, snappy mommy in the morning.

On Thursday, Tyler's preschool class hosted a Mommy's Tea for Mother's Day. It was my first such event and I was amazed at how much Tyler has grown. The class sang two songs while the moms feasted on tea and scones made by the kids. Afterwards, we danced to Unforgettable, and Tyler surprised me with a keychain that he made in class. He is growing up too quickly! I think that ages 3-5 are the cutest phases that a child goes through and I just want to savor every second with Tyler. He is curious about the world and wants to be more independent, yet have his mommy next to him to protect him and keep him safe.

Chase is one smiley baby, much more so than Tyler was. He is giggly and always showing off his two bottom teeth. I can't wait till he starts talking!

Well, in some minutes, it will officially be Mother's Day. Maybe I should stay up and celebrated by my lonesome self. Rich sent me roses and Claudia sent me a gift basket...which I thought was really nice. I mean, it's Mother's Day and I'm not their mother! :) Jason still has one day to surprise me. hehe. And if he doesn't, I will remind him that I borne him his children! That deserves one day of recognition! :) If men could really just think about how it feels to have a growing baby inside them, pushing on their bladders, making it hard for them to breathe and walk, and then think about what labor and delivery is like, and what we go through after the baby is born, they would all kiss our toes and shower us with diamonds every day!


Blogger Christine said...

hope you had a great mother's day. you deserve it! can't wait to see you guys again soon!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

hi mommy! hope you had a great mother's day! need to fill you in, so call me whenever you get a breathing moment!

12:18 PM  

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