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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I was about to sleep right now when I thought of something and I wanted to post.

Sometimes, I think about my childhood and I cry. Not because my childhood was bad, but because I think about what my parents went through to raise us. They came to this country, not knowing a lick of English, with two kids in tow. My dad's first job was a janitor who cleaned empty buildings at night and my mom worked making minimum wage at a women's clothing store. I remember they saved up enough money to lease a run down toy store, and my father painted sad looking Mickey Mouse at top. It was in a really bad area so my dad slept there for awhile in fear it would get robbed. Later, when they collected more money, they leased a bigger store with some friends and opened a clothing store. This business never took off and the creditors kept calling. My father had to file bankruptcy and hung his head low.

And though it was hard for them, my parents gave us everything we ever needed. Without complaint, without so much as a moan. I never thought twice about going to summer leadership camp that cost about $400...I went like 4 times. I never thought twice asking my parents to drop a $1000 on a cheer outfit that I only used one year. They never asked why I needed it. If it was for us, they gave and gave.

I don't know. Sometimes I think that my life is so easy and it's so easy for me to forget all that my parents went through. They worked 7 days a week for most of their lives. For what? Was it for their fancy cars and clothes? No, really, it was all for us.

Here is a post to my parents, and probably yours too, who worked so hard all their adult lives in hopes and dreams that their children's lives might be better than theirs.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yay!! Summer has begun! I'm so happy I'm beside myself. I'm totally excited about the upcoming year. I am sure every teacher gets like this every summer, dreaming of new ideas and thinking about how perfect next year will be. (That is until the first week of school in September when you realize that the dream of perfection will never be.) However, I'm still excited.

Richard graduated this week so I believe a congratulations is in order. He is in Mexico celebrating the next milestone in his life as a working man.

Today, we went to Sea World. I loved it! There is something so beautiful about man and animal coming together and doing jumps and swimming and dancing together. And dolphins are so darn cute because they always look like they are smiling. After the Shamu show, we went to the area where Shamu was training and I nearly cried seeing it and the trainer working together. It must have been PMS, but it was very touching...them all communicating in their secret language. Soo cute! Jason said they are cute until they attack. He always knows how to burst my bubble. Darn him.

Hope you have/ had a great weekend!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy belated birthday to Jen and Jenn!! You old women!

Five days left. Three and a half days with the children!! Yahoo!!! I have so much to do by Friday. I'm kind of dreading it, but I seriously will be the happiest person on Saturday morning when I wake up and realize that I don't have to go to work for two months!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tyler in the bath...and loving it!

Eating his favorite....noodles!

Ready to leave and waiting for mommy to be done!

I've been doing this to all my clothes lately. Grandma says its a sign that mommy will have another boy....I would love to have a brother someday!

I love my glider!

Feeding mommy is fun!

She eats anything I give her!

My grandma is putting a doctor's coat on me. My mommy says it is never too young to start planting seeds...maybe she wants me to be a doctor!

If you look carefully, the coat has my name on it.

I'll think about it.

I look just like my daddy in this picture.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Legoland with my mom.

Legoland with my pops.

My mom got free ice cream and she was very happy!

At the beach.

My dad taking a picture of me and my mom taking a picture of us!

At a Chinese Restaurant..Man, I wanted that gumball!

At Kidspace.

At Kidspace again. My mom can't believe how big I am!

A pic of me and my dad.

I loved this thing! It got me all wet though.

Since my parents didn't bring a change of clothes, they had to buy me a Kidspace t-shirt.

I had so much fun at the cool mall.

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This is the face I make when I'm trying to make my mom laugh.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I don't really know why blogger works sometimes at school and other times, it tells me to do something with "cookies." What is that about? Why are they telling me to bake? I am just trying to get online! :)

Anywho, what's up? what's up? We've been going to many places with Tyler lately. Since we both work, we spend each weekend trying to stimulate his growing brain! Poor kid, stuck at home all week. Last week, I had this brillant idea to take him somewhere free...a place that has some good toys that kids could play with... IKEA!! haha...Jason said I am so ghetto!! I pretended to be shopping or waiting for someone in the children's section. Well, he enjoyed himself and I had to drag him out when it was time to leave. He has plenty of toys at home so I left without buying anything (not even a cheap hot dog!) and left feel proud of myself.

This Saturday, like idiots, we went to the zoo. Lest you forget, it was the hottest day of the year or something! Poor Tyler, we have pictures of his sprawed in his stroller, red and sweaty, and dying of heat stroke. I hated being around all those stupid people who never even watch the news for weather information and hated the fact that we were just as stupid. Also, what the heck...all the animals sleeping in their caves! Don't they know we paid good money to see them! What were they thinking, hiding in the shade?! I swear, the only animal that we saw was the seals in the aquarium!!

Yesterday, Jason had to "read." That's what he calls reading a paragraph and falling asleep with ESPN on in the background. Anyways, to let Jason "read," I took Tyler to Target. I realize that Target is a dangerous place. At least for me it is. I thought I would be again, and I was motivated by my trip to Ikea that I would be strong and not buy anything that we didn't need. Well, let me just tell you that I left the place with FURNITURE!! Imagine me, with Tyler in the cart, and a huge ottoman! A man had to help me with the cart cause it was so dang heavy and he must have felt sorry for me. Anyways, I feel bad because I told myself that I am done with instant gratification and that I will work towards SAVING my money. Sadly, my plan is just not working. I had no self control and don't know what DELAYed gratification is. I need things NOW!!! Who cares about tomorrow? The way my brain thinks, "A raining day tomorrow? Heck, have fun on the sunny day today!!!"

Another thing we did this weekend is EAT!!! Like, every meal, we ate out. I hate myself! See, it's that instant gratification thing that I was speaking of!

Well, anyways, time to get the kids. Don't you love when I rant and rave?!