Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hey there is 7:40 in the morning. i really should be watching the boys like a hawk and making sure that they are not wasting precious morning time but i feel like blogging so here i sit in front of the computer...can i get a "yay" in unison?!

actually, i know what the boys are doing. tyler is on the toilet and he is reading books to chase who is sitting on a stool. isn't that about the grossest thing ever? i think so, but whatevers, tyler is reading, chase is listening, and it's all quiet in the house so i'll let them continue until i feel guilty for not taking chase out of that torture chamber...but hey, he doesn't seem to mind it! haha...

some random thoughts this morning.

1. water intake affects my energy level. i need to have at least 6 cups of water a day if i want to be at my tip top shape. i don't know anyone else who is affected by their hydration as i am. maybe i have some electrolytee imbalance in my body? i  should find out. maybe i need more sodium in my diet? nah, that can't be it...i eat the SAD (standard american diet)!

2. this weekend, rich and jess visited. highlight of the weekend? seeing rich and jason flop their big fat bodies on the slip and slide....ooh, that was the best. i wish i got it on video, but of course, i can't find my camera again. damn it. anyways, the boys had a blast and i did too!

3. happy birthday to my baby brother rich. today he is old are you again? well, you are sure getting old (or old looking) so you better get married before jess realizes that she is with an old fart and runs away. haha...

4. i'm a social eater. since i have no friends or family here to  be "social" with, i've lost five pounds here without even trying! that's a "yay" because that was much needed. what do you know... i should have run away from all you fools months ago! maybe i should set a goal to get back to my college weight. i have no excuses now that they boys are older and i really should do something about all this flab, right?

5. tyler's school starts at 8:55...isn't that so late? in irvine, we were at his school by 8:00 to drop him off. over there, i was like a drill sergeant in the mornings, making them do this and that in the mornings. here, i feel like we have an hour to waste! the boys are on the computer upstairs and i'm downstairs on my laptop. we really take our sweet time in the mornings. i guess it's nice though i feel like we should just get the day started and we are wasting an hour of afternoon time because i pick him up an hour later. oh wells, you can never win cause i can always complain about something! haha...

6. oh, i'm back to only decaffeinated drinks. i should NEVER drink caffeinated drinks. i accidentally ordered a caffeinated drink from barnes and noble last week and stayed up till 3:00. last night, i had two chocolate chip cookies before bed and couldn't sleep until 1:00 last night. never again. i need a good night's rest!

7. i'm spying, i mean- volunteering, in tyler's current classroom today. if i don't like what i see today (which i'm expecting), we're enrolling him up for another private school we found. it sucks because it is a lot of money and had we been lucky enough to be with an awesome teacher at a public school this year, we could have saved that money. well, i'll let you guys know how things go today. i have to make up my mind today because there is only one more spot in that private school too. decisions, decisions... life is full of them!

8. oh ladies, i have no eyelashes right now and i look so weird!! my eyes feel naked!

9.  speaking of beauty treatments, i want to get a perm! not crazy ramen head (i've had THAT before!) i just want some loose beachy curls. i think i know where i will get it done but it is in oc. i have to go to oc one day just to get my eyes and hair done! a womans got to do what a womans got to do! :)

ok, i really should be doing something more productive than sitting my my ass. chase locked all the bathroom doors except one and we can't find the key to open the locked doors so we are all sharing one bathroom right now. oh fun-ness.

the boys went upstairs to the computer saying, "we're going on (educational site)" right now, i hear sounds of bullets and tyler screaming, "i can save the world!" don't think they are on starfall anymore! gotta go get the boogars and start my day!

Friday, August 26, 2011

tyler's back to school night was yesterday and i was not impressed at all. :( rats! we might have to go the private school route. what didn't impress me? well a couple of things.

1. the teacher passed out a letter to the parents and it was signed by another teacher!! basically, she just copied another teacher's letter....i understand, teachers share things with each other all the time, but damn, take the time to at least make it look like you wrote the letter by changing the name on it!!

2. she kept saying, "this is just my second year teaching second grade so i am learning as i go." oh, great!

3. she kept saying, "i'll TRY....." to do this and that, never "we WILL." i'll TRY to set up a field trip, i'll TRY to to get an aquarium, i'll TRY to do that this year. what the heck, right? what is that suppose to mean? i have no idea!

4. oh and she was reading something from a page and said to the parents, "do y'all want a copy of this? i didn't have time to print it out for you so it will be in your child's backpack when i get a chance to print it." she just told me before the meeting started that she went home to take a long nap but she didn't have time to print something out?!

basically, i feel like if you don't care enough to try your best on back to school night in front of PARENTS, why the hell would you even try your best with KIDS? she had this very "whatever" attitude about teaching and i didn't get one tiny glimpse of passion for what she does. soooo sad.

i was the ONLY parent asking any questions last night. i was trying to see if the teacher knew what she was talking about or if she was talking from her ass. the other parents were probably thinking, "damn nerdy asian!!" haha....

anyways, what are we going to do?!!!! i went to a great private school today and of course, it's all full and i put tyler on the waitlist. what are we going to do?!!!! i just have to pray that something opens up at this private school....i'm doing a lot of praying up here in roseville!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

today is tyler's first day of school. i thought i wouldn't get emotional- i mean, it's not like it's tyler's first year in school. we've done this before, right?  i was wrong. as i waited in line with him this morning, i started getting nervous for him. it seemed like all the kids knew each other from the previous year and he was the "new kid." they all looked so much taller than him too! i wouldn't be surprise if i find out later that some of the boys in his new class must be 8 years old already. it's nervewracking because you still see your child as your baby, needing your protection and guidance, but before you know it, he is in school seven hours a day- all alone, without you. all you can do is say a silent prayer.

dear god, please be with him in school today. please help him make friends and have the other kids be nice to him. please help him be comfortable in his new environment.

a couple of very old photos. here is a pic of tyler at our community's 4th of july parade.

chase's bike is all decorated and all ready to go!

snacks after the parade..thanks sarah!

relaxing in the watsons' awesome backyard.

visiting great grandmother before our move.

got to meet thompson!...what a cutie!

this is what tyler and chase do when they are bored.

chase's smile makes me smile.

last day at jiujitsu. go tyler! :)

love ethan's smile!

getting fitted for heidi's wedding.

looking fancy, chase!

relaxing in what we used to call the "classroom."

i love dressing them the same...thanks jenny for the pjs!

dim sum with the ladies. kelly left before we took this picture. :( christine, what are you laughing at so hard?!!!

the boys at heidi's wedding rehearsal.

we with the boys at rehearsal.

thanks tiffany for watching the boys so i could rest! :)

this is how we spent the last two days at our old house. in the garage with our two beautiful neighbors. they are the sweetest girls and i will miss them very much.

resting in the garage while our house gets packed up!

i took this pic to show jason that i need to get my eyebrows tatooed. he got really annoyed with me when i said that...he said, "that will NEVER come off!!" like duh....isn't that the point?!!!

at mommy's favorite place in roseville...isn't this the cutest little cupcake store?! i love it!

hey hey hey! (written last week, but somehow didn't get posted.)

random thoughts this morning.

1. it is very hot here and since i drive a lot, i have to get a huge hat with spf in it and also some arms protectors!!! i feel my skin frying up here!!! not good!

2. ice skating with tyler fun but realized i can't do much on the ice at all...just go back and forth. haha.

3. tyler starts school next wednesday. can i do a happy dance? that sounds horrible, huh?

4. when we first moved here, the boys and i were out every day doing touristy things but now i've lost all steam. i just want to stay home now!

5. we were in davis last weekend and i started talking to an indian mom at a playground. i was telling her that we just moved up here for jason's job and that we were living in roseville. she then told me that she thought roseville was a great city but she could never live in roseville because it is important to her that her son sees people of his "own kind." she said that she didn't want her boy to be the only indian boy in his class and that she didn't think that would be "good for him." hmm...that made me wonder. are there any studies about things like this? what are your thoughts?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

i was sooo excited to see an ice rink in roseville and immediately signed tyler up for lessons (chase is still a little too young.) so far, he has had three lessons and is loving it! i love it too. it's sooo much better than watching him play soccer under the beating sun. i love sitting all bundled up in the cold rink with my hot chocolate in hand. you know, sometimes, parents have to choose their kids' activities (you can't do everything!)  and i'm pretty sure that i would much rather focus on tyler doing ice skating (speed and hockey) over soccer! i made my decision based mostly on MY COMFORTS. :)

also, sitting in that ice rink watching tyler skate brings back sooo many memories of my childhood. i spent many hours at the ice rink with claudia so i just feel very comfortable there. tyler and i are going to the public skate this afternoon and i can't wait to dazzle him with my tricks! happy with my decision to push soccer to the side! this season will most likely be tyler's last soccer season. if he wants to run back and front in the hot, hot sun kicking the a ball around, he can do it my himself in the backyard! mean!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

random thoughts:

1. i forgot to add one thing about chase that i love. i love the way he eats. the way he moves his mouth and chew his food is sooo cute to me.

2. there are a lot of these things in roseville: 1. on every street it seems. 2. car could get a car wash for $4 here. 3. indoor play areas at fast food places....maybe because it gets so hot here?

3. i found some stains on the carpet the other day and it just kills me! i have no idea where the stains came from and we can't figure it out. i've asked the boys over and over if they know what happened and they keep saying no. it wasn't there on sunday so it must have happened on monday or tuesday. it's bad enough that i think the owners of the house will make us pay to get the whole carpet redone...crap...renting is stressful!

4. oh, i can't believe that we are now at the stage where i genuinely will laugh at something that tyler says. it's not "oh that is cute" kind of laugh, but now, sometimes tyler will say something and i will laugh, like i was talking to a friend and my friend said something funny. for a couple of days, tyler has been calling me "princess." i would ask him to do something and he would answer, "ok, my princess." then, yesterday, if he got in trouble, he would call me princess so he would get out of trouble and that would work because that would make me smile. then today, he was calling me princess again to get out of trouble and i said, "that is not going to work today." and he held me around my waist and said, "oh come on princess, it's almost 12:00 and we have a royal ball to go to." omg..the way he said it...cracked me up so bad and i laughed so hard and i was this is what it feels like to REALLY laugh with your a grown up kind of way.

5. dude, i am addicted to wondoomil tea. it is like 250 calories a cup and i have at least two a day. that can't be good for my growing thighs, but i can't help it...i'm addicted!

6. i wrote on a earlier post that i threaten chase when he doesn't listen. i thought i would write down what some of that sounds like. "chase, you need to clean up all your toys if you want to go eat lunch with us." "i don't want to go anyways,"
"chase, i will take away your new toy if you don't listen." "here, you can have my toy."
"chase, go up to your room because you threw that toy at tyler." "ok (skipping up to his his room) when i come out, i will throw this bomb at you, tyler."
"chase, go in the garage." "ok"
nothing stirs the boy to be remorseful!! he is rarely scared of anything! so i've threatened to take things away (he doesn't care!) i've threatened to not give him things that he wants (he doesn't care!) the worst punishment is to stay in the garage for awhile. he couldn't care and is not scared of going in there even if it is pitch dark in there! i am ashamed to say that i tried to make it scarier for him by making ghost noises while he was in there. when i opened the door, he gave me this "what the hell?" look and just came back in the house with a smile. urgh!!!

7. last week, tyler was whining and i told him whine was him middle name. he looked at me and said, "well then, YELL is your middle name." haha... cracked me up!

8. i took tyler and chase to a taekwondo class and the instructor is overweight!! would you trust an overweight taekwondo teacher?!! something doesn't seem how can he do all those moves and stuff? don't know if i can trust the, jason totally swears the guy is faking an asian accent. haha...

ok, happy wednesday...the days go by so fast, huh?

tyler starts school on the 23rd of this month!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

i was thinking the other day that i kind of regret renting this house that we are currently living in. it is very similar to our old house... slightly bigger with a yard! (yay!) however, it is too similar to the house that we lived in in orange county- as far as house and community. since we are only planning on renting for a year or two and we know its not a commitment, i wish that we lived in a totally different kind of house with a totally different environment. i wish we looked for a way older quaint home in more established neighborhoods like in downtown roseville. i was driving past this area yesterday and i saw the cutest oldest homes with so much character. the trees and plants that lined the streets are glorious and i wondered to myself if i will ever live in a area like that. i would love to at least once in my life and i wish we had taken that opportunity with this move. :(

happy tuesday!

Monday, August 08, 2011

this past saturday was chase's 4th birthday. can't believe that 4 years has flown by.

to my little chasey, here are some things that i want to remember about you at this time in your life.

- i love it when you call me and when i get to  you, you say, "i love you, mommy." it always melts my heart.

- i loved it yesterday when i was taking away something that you and tyler were eating (long story) and while tyler was complaining that he wanted to finish the rest of it, you said to him, "hurry up and just eat and take big bites."

- i love it when i hear you reading books all on your own from the other room. you picked that up quick!

- i love how you blow up balloons SOOO're never scared that they might pop.

- i love your hearty laugh. every since you were a baby, your laugh was deep and came from your belly, like an old man.

- i love the wild things you say to me at the randomest times. yesterday at dinner, out of no where, you said, "everyone is watching the qubo channel. are you?" it came from no where and it made all of us laugh.

- i love the way you and tyler hold hands when you go to new places, like wacky tacky and kids park.

- i think it is funny that you like to pick out your own clothes and you are very adament about what you wear on some particular days.

- i love the way you change your voice when you get a deep man's voice.

- i love the way you run by lifting your shoulders and swinging your arms.

- i love the way you belt out justin bieber's "baby."

- i love the way you do your little dance every time i wash shampoo out from your hair.

- i love that you like being outdoors and that you like going into our new backyard to ride your scooter.

- i love the way you purposely say "I" when i say hi to you.

- i love the face you make when you want to cry but you are trying to hold it in.

chase, you are turning more and more into a big boy. you are very brave sometimes and nothing seems to scare you. if you are not following directions, i will threaten you with things and rarely do my threats work!  you laugh at everything and have a great sense of humor. you make all of us laugh ALL the time...we always say you are a "character" because you have this very distinct, cool personality at such a young age. i love you chase for being the cutest thing ever. you will always be my baby. love, mommy.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

totally random thoughts:

1. chase has a little bit of a cold. in near 100 degree weather. poor kid.

2. tyler is taking a nap right now and chase just came up to me and asked, "where is tyler? i want to play with him." aww...that is cute.

3. love the GPS in my car and couldn't live without it. i don't know how people survived before the internet and gps! i just get in my car and type where i want to go (ex starbucks, baskin robbins, etc) and it tells me directions to the closest one....i find it fascinating and amazing!

4. i find it interesting that there are lots of hotels in roseville. it makes me think that people actually come here to visit. see, people, it's not totally the boonies over here... people actually come here to visit and stay in hotels and stuff!! :)

5. my cousin will be visiting us soon...yay!! our fist visitor! don't know what we will do... minseo, get ready, i will drag you to all the KID spots in!

6. can you believe we had about 400 items (including boxes) when we moved?! we loaded up a huge truck! it's all just crap and i've been throwing and donating so much stuff since we got here! yay!

7. during the move, i had to put my vegetarianism on a hiatus. one night, i was starving, there was nothing in the frig and it was late. the only thing to eat was so chinese take-out so i had some orange chicken. since then, i've been eating some meat here and there, but i plan to go back to no meat soon. this is like a confession or something!

8. i want to buy a juicer. anyone have any suggestions? i tried a sample of a veggie/ fruit juice at whole foods once (made of beets, apples, carrots, celery, etc) and it was soooo good. i want to make that at home!

9. i've been cooking a lot lately. yesterday, i made kalbi jim (braised short ribs) and spinach/clam soup. everything came out good but it takes soooo much time to cook!

10. i just realize that i lost one of my favorite jackets. :( it was my brown puffer jacket with fur on the collar. i am sure i left it at a hotel during one of many stays the last few months. :( i called around but no one has it in their lost and found. so sad! i hate losing things! i'm really bummed out.
11. we haven't gotten one piece of forwarded mail since the move. i'm getting worried. even though i said there are no asians in roseville, we happen to be renting from a korean guy with the last name kim....what a coincidence! since he asked for all his mail to be forwarded to his new address, i think all our mail is being forwarded to him. what a headache. hope we get our mail soon!

12. there is the cutest little cupcake shop near our house. i bought three for the family and ended up eating 2 1/2! don't think i should go in there again.

take care.....will write more later!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

we're living the city of roseville. like i mentioned before, its very similiar to irvine... one big mall, little plazas, lots of parks, recreational programs for kids, libraries, every chain store imaginable, clean and pretty new. the differences?

1. no asians!

2. home prices are like half the cost of irvine. at least in roseville it is. there is another city next to roseville called granite bay and home prices there are like OC home prices.

3. it gets really hot in the summers. i feel myself age like ten years every time we go out, but then again, i'm hoping the sweat grease will prevent some wrinkles. :)

4. i don't have to separate recycling here. i just dump everything in the trash and they do the sorting for us. for some reason, i'm really happy about this. i think recycling can be a chore, or at least one more thing to think about so i love the fact that i can just throw everything away in one trash bag without any guilt! yay!

5. no korean markets in roseville! now i have to drive 45 minutes to get to the nearest korean market. that is crazy, right? the whole market trip takes like three hours! and the weird thing is that i am totally craving korean food since the move. oh, how i took those markets in irvine for granted!

anyways, i will write more later!! hope you are having a great summer!