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Saturday, May 31, 2003

ok, so now the comments feature works (thanks to Shin!), but what's up with this funky ass format?

I don't want to go to the gym, but my fat ass begs to differ.

The fat ass wins. Off to the gym I go.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

There was a Students Run Los Angeles Appreciation Dinner yesterday that I was unable to attend due to my neurotic visions of making my children's wedding cake one day. There were two office workers at my school that found out I would not be able to make the event and asked me last week if they could go in my place. This, I thought was wierd, given the fact that they had not so much as lifted a finger to help SRLA and this was an APPRECIATION dinner for leaders. I thought, "Whatever, I'm not paying for it" and I put them on the list. At lunch today, I find out from the high school leader that plaques and jackets were given out to all attendees.

And get this, after school, I see one of the ladies actually wearing the jacket!

What are your thoughts? Should I say something? Nothing? I am the idiot who put them on the list. I honestly don't want the jacket, but it's the principle of the thing. Damn, I trained hard for that jacket! It belongs to me!

I can't wait to figure out how to add a place for comments on this site. The spaz is always in need of sound advice.

When two worlds collide

Jen came to my school today with some other UCLA dental students to share about the virtues of brushing, flossing, and other ways to keep " yucky sugar bugs" away. Students received toothbrushes and toothpaste to take home, which some students used immediatly afterschool. I hope those same students return tomorrow with the gleaming plaque-free teeth they left school with today.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Constellation Cristina

Oh, how I hate having bad skin. What a curse. You would think that by the mature age of 25, this would not continue to plague me. When will this clear up? When I am fifty? Wow. Fifty will surely be THE year. In Europe... and with nice skin!

When I had bad skin and Richard was about seven or eight, he used to sing, "connect the la la la." from the Pee Wee Herman Show. Remember that? Pee Wee would throw all these stars up in the air and connect them to make a picture. So cruel.

Wednesday night. No more Bachelor. What is a girl who wants a reason to proscratinate cleaning her room to do?
Oh, watch out! Blogs might be forthcoming.

I love warm summer nights. It just feels sooo good.

I went and had sushi tonight. Did you think I was kidding when I said that I needed sushi, like, now?
I never kid. Never, when it comes to food.

Then went to cake decorating class and learned how to cover a cake with fondant. You know, that is a skill that will come in handy one day. Ha! I wish that I could make Claudia's wedding cake. That would be awesome. But, I know that I just started with this cake decorating nonsense, and I am still a novice, and I could not live with myself if the cake I made for Claud toppled onto the floor or if it was just turned out too plain fugly for words. Maybe I could start off small and do something for her bridal shower. We'll see,

I read Laura's Xanga site today, and she used the word chilliax in her entry! I don't know why I enjoy this word, but it could possibly be because I love chillaxing so much. Having no plans or responsibilities, lounging around in my apartment free to do whatever I want is one of my top ways to spend a free day.

The power of the subliminal.

I just received a forward from Misun Unni (from ex place of occupation). And the subject read, "Sushi for dinner?" Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love sushi, so I quickly went to the site. There, I was asked to pick five pieces of my favorite sushi from a roving array of sushi that floated about on my screen. Afterwards, I was told my fortune, which was based on the sushi pieces that I picked. So clever. And so untrue at the same time. Anyways, this litte "activity" has made me crave sushi- like now. Who knew?

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The only reason, the ONLY reason I would want a corporate job where I get to sit in front of a computer all day long is to spend more time writing blogs and reading other people's blogs. Wouldn't that be fun?! I think I would be able to produce lengthier posts with some more substance. Hmm...maybe not. Who knows.

Pretzels are so disgusting. They taste like heavily salted cardboard. Not that I ever tasted cardboard, but still. I'm eating a Chez Mix and I seriously had to pour everything into a bowl so I could actually look at what I was grabbing. When I was eating from the bag, I would throw back any pretzels and only eat the other things, like crisp rye chips and tiny bread looking things. The other items would then start diminishing and the pretzel content would increase, thus, simultaneoulsy increasing the level of frustration. Pretzels are so yuck.

Man, I am in a whiny mood today. I gotta stop. Look at the weather! It is so bright and sunny outside! It's good to know I don't have seasonal depression or mood disorder.

Can someone please tell me: What friggin' genius invented the leaves, dirt, crap blower that rude ass people use to clean up their yards? I went out to get something from my car to see some some slimy looking guy with a backwards cap on using one of these ludicrous machines to blow everything off the apartment he was "cleaning" onto my newly washed car. What makes people think that it is alright to simply blow their trash onto someone elses property? Pick up your own damn crap and don't blow them onto my car! Man, if I ever own a home and I even remotely contemplate getting one of these, please someone blow me down with one of those.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Did I tell you that I got glasses? I like to think that am getting the incognito actress or the sexy librarian look, but I think I just look like a dweeb.

Yesterday, while starring at my four brand new disposable cameras: two regular, one waterproof, and one black and white, I realized that I haven't seen my camera in a little over a year. Not my digital camera-I have that, but my regular camera, the primitive one that I need to insert these funny looking things called film. So then, I ransacked my room and the closet in the hallway in search for it. Unfortunately, I didn't find it. However, I did find some old Valentines Day candy from my students, some old, empty lipstick cases from MAC (SN to the ladies: did you know that if bring in a certain number of your old MAC cases to the MAC counter, you get a free lipstick?), and other ridiculously items that could potentially label me a packrat. Well, now my place now looks like I've been robbed. For two days straight.

Jen fixed my computer yesterday with help from Vihn on the phone. They will have to flip a coin for the best friend title.

I decided that one of these days, I am going to write my mom a "real" letter in Korean. Even if that means looking for a translator and paying for translation services. I am sick at myself for writing my mom juvenile letters in Korean that say the same thing over and over in Korean: "I love you, mom" is the basic gist of it. Imagine getting that scribbled on every Christmas, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day card you've ever received. I know my mom understands, but she deserves better. She deserves to know that her children think the world of her, that she is the beautiful and understanding, that she is the wind beneath our wings. Imagine writing that in Korean.

Yesterday, I went to Buca Di Beppo with Claud, Rich, Laura, and Matthew. Though I must admit: I make a mean Italian dinner myself at home and I was disappointed the first time I went, this time, it was rather good. I even got to sit in view of an actor! Who? Marci's good-looking moocher boyfriend on Married with Children. The one who came after the first husband left. Ok, B list actor. But, still! After, we were planning on watching Bruce Almighty, but the line was too crazy long (Dude, don't people have stuff to do at home!) and we went home.

Did I tell you that dumb Cristina realized on Friday all the work for an 8 unit online course needs to be sent in and postmarked by this Friday? And that she has not done any of it? And that is 80 hours of work that needs to be done? And that she was unrealistically thinking that she would finish it this three day weekend, which means 26.6 hours of work a day? Man, I am retarded. What to do, What to do.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

With a sane mind and body.

I am mentally preparing myself to move back home with my mom in July. It’s been years since I escaped the nest, but I will be moving back. If I really hate it, I plan on moving out to live on my own in January, which is my winter break. At the least, I will save on five months of rent. Wahoo! I am hoping this will offset some of my spending habits.

Speaking of spending habits, I spent an hour at Target yesterday. Ok, maybe two. It started out innocent enough, with a few items on my list. As the cart filled up quickly, I was enticed by a woman to open up a Target credit card and save 10% on my day’s spending. I usually pass up on these credit card offers, but as I starred at my over flowing cart, I thought, “Hey, why not. I will open one up today, get the discount, and then cancel it as quickly as you can say ‘more debt!” Well, I was approved. (Strangely, this makes me feel good.) Then, my crazy little head thinks, “Well, as long as I have to discount, I might as well buy more now!” So, I make one more round at Target to look for things I NEED. I fill up with four disposable cameras (Lest not forget that I have a digital.), a travel cosmetic bag (cause, y’all know that I travel SO MUCH.), and a four case of frappicinos (Though I swore of caffeine a month ago.), and much more. All this to let you know: I am a maniac. J

Then I hung out with Annie and Susan, two of my favorite people in the whole entire world! We ate left over Chinese food and watched three back to back episodes of The Bachelor which they missed while they were in Europe. (And you didn’t believe me when I said I could watch these shows over and over. “Cristina, I wonder who will get the final rose!”)

Annie brought over all her pictures from Europe and let me pick out whichever ones I wanted because she had doubles at home. I mostly picked out landscape pictures and I have already taped them to my wall. They are seriously beautiful. They look like scenes straight out of movies. I wonder when I will be able to visit Europe myself and see these sights. I hate living vicariously. Wha wha wha. Whine whine whine. With cheese cheese cheese. Maybe I will be able to have some wine and cheese in Europe one day when I am fifty. Hahaha.

I am really hating my computer lately. Hate is too nice. I loathe it. I disdain it. It is like an unreliable, moody person that you can’t read. I hate it. I hate it. If you are some computer witch doctor and are able to perform some voodoo magic on it and cure it of it ills and evils, you will be my next best friend. Please contact.

I know that it's been pretty barren in here lately. I apologize. My computer has been out of commission for some time. I will make more of an effort to update this on a regular basis! Having a blogspot is like having an old friend. You have to make an effort at it, or it's gets harder to have a "relationship" as time wears on.