Spaz Attack

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Friday, January 07, 2011

a day at knotts with grandma. i wanted to take the boys because chase really LOVES snoopy!

chase and snoopy!

with grandma.

tyler said this ride made him dizzy. :(

their favorite thing to do there.

make sure you are buckled in!

waiting for the ice show to begin.

thanks grandma for buying us these lights. they broke the next day...figures!

inside the old school house.

a dad at the mall with auntie, cousins sara and katie, and grandpa....

watching carolers sings with grandpa in the back.

on a train ride.

"look this way, boys!"

a day visiting our cousins. first, we made rice krispy treats with auntie claudia. "why are we doing this on the floor, auntie?"

"this is the way you open a bag of cereal, kids. try not to hold a knife while you're doing this."

baby sara wants to join too!

now let's move onto the gingerbread train.

thanks auntie eunhwa for helping us!

claudia and sara as chase tries to eat the icing on his clothes.

thanks to our auntie for pushing us around!

how can you not laugh at kids? this is how tyler takes pictures...

chase purposely jumping up and down so my picture will come out blurry.

orange smile.

a polar bear cookie from starbucks that jason loved this season. he brought one for the boys every time he saw one!

our community holiday party. here is a juggler.  

it cracked grandpa up!

some carolers!

chase was happy with his orgami.




hot drinks...


cookie decorating... good to see that our HOA is going somewhere! :)

tyler's first piano recital. here he is waiting his turn.

chase was so bored. when other people were playing, he covered his ears and said, "too loud!" it made us laugh so hard!

time for snacks!

"i did a great job!"

chase and his girlfriend, tiffany. i love tiffany's face in the second picture!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

so, it's been two days back for tyler. he is doing fine. man, i wish i was a little more ready for the questions that i am getting from other parents. my favorite one: "did you ASK that tyler be moved?" seriously, what a dumb question...#1, like asking for your child to move a grade means that the school will agree to it. #2, i'm kind of insulted by it because that means they see us as pushy parents. urghhh.... maybe i'm being too sensitive about it.