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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some random thoughts:

1. Jason has some grand idea to take the boys to see snow today. We were planning on doing this sometime this season but I really don't want it to be today! I had plans for the day! I was looking forward to a quiet day of cleaning up, playing "school" with the boys, and of course, a trip to Costco to finish off a great day! Now, I have to pack and get the boys ready..for what? So I can sit in the snow and freeze my ass off and remind myself not to complain?! I'm totally not looking forward to it!

2. In the beginning of December, I LOVE Christmas decorations. I always tell myself that Christmas decorations are so pretty and fun, they should stay up ALL year long. And then the days turn into weeks, and by Christmas Day, I can't wait to get rid of everything. It just becomes clutter...stockings land on the floor, needles everywhere, presents need to be handed out. I'm so over it. I want everything Christmas out of this house!

3. Don't know why, but I've gained so much weight since we moved into this new house. Maybe because it's bigger and I think my butt should match my house?! Don't know.... but something has to change. I have so many excuses as to why I've gained a pound a week! Excuses...excuses...all excuses! (I'll write out all my excuses at a later time....that should be an enlightening read!)

4. I watched Annie with Tyler the other day while Chase slept and I think he liked it! He told me he likes musicals.(Sound of Music singalong time, Susan?)It's fun to relive your childhood with your own children. I remember watching Annie when I was four and now I was watching it with Tyler!

5. Gotta much to do! This mommy job I signed up for is never ending, I tell ya!


Anonymous susan said...

"Maybe because it's bigger and I think my butt should match my house?!" HAHAHAHAHA you're hilarious.

when you think Tyler is ready for the SOM sing-a-long. give me a call. i will make it an EXPERIENCE for him!

merry christmas!

9:40 AM  
Blogger jw said...

haha!!!I also loved that butt comment. Cant stop laughing!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

you are too funny (3). and you are NOT gaining weight! i LOVE those musicals too....ahhhh the good old days.

2:43 PM  
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