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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

After rereading what I wrote about my new bangs I realized that I totally contradicted myself. One hand, saying that it was good for me and then saying that it didn't help the forehead situation at all. Folks, I just write what comes to me and I am a very fickle girl!

(Side story about my fickleness. When I was in high school and Rich was in elementary school, I was a very fickle girl. I would say something like, "Rich, let's go get some McDonalds." He, getting all excited, would get dressed while dreaming of his Big Mac and fries, and then I would say to him, "Oh, forget it. I changed my mind." This would drive him so crazy! And then, when he got a bit older and a bit wiser, he wouldn't even waste a second to run out the door if I even so much as suggested that we go somewhere. He would be like, "Hurry. Hurry! Get out the door before you change your mind!" haha. Oh, that reminds me of a time Rich and I decided to drive to South Coast from Cerritos. On the way there, I totally changed my mind and didn't want to go anymore so I think we went to Westminster Mall instead. So fickle, right?! Gosh, I don't know how people used to put up with me and my everychanging whims! I think even I would get irritated at my old self!)

Funny thing Tyler said to me the other day: He said, "Mommy, Popcorn is popping in my butt." At first I was confused. Then I realized that he just farted!

So I'm starting to workout again and it feels good. Ok, I'll be honest. It's only been two days but still... I'm motivated and think I can make it a habit. In the last four years, I've hit the gym ONCE! Yup, isn't that crazy and disgusting all at the same time? Well, when you're pregnant and you have a husband who acts helpless to be alone with babies, that's what happens. Maybe I'll post some stuff in here about how things are going. Will be kind of embarrassing when I stop after a week, but maybe if I make my desires to be more healthful (who am I kidding- my desires to stop the jiggling as I walk!) public, maybe I'll be more diligent and committed to working out.

Ok, I have so much paperwork to do. Don't laugh! Yes, stay at home moms have paperwork to do too! Fill out Tyler's preschool forms, pay bills, write birthday cards, organize receipts to return useless items, etc. I truly do have a full plate sometimes. I don't know how people work and get all this stuff done at the same time!

Good night!


Blogger Christine said...

make sure you workout to pumped up music or at least to people with nice bodies....that always motivates me! you know what i'm talking about - britney before k-fed, fergie, etc.! =)

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha...used to drive me crazy...all i wanted was a double qtr. pounder with that too much for a kid to ask for?


10:44 PM  

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