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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello! Hello! Not much going on. Claudia and I took the kiddies to California Adventure again today. (We need to get our money's worth on our annual passes before summer black out days begin!) I think I totally overdid it and came home as sick as a dog. I was so weak and out of it that I couldn't even take the boys out of their carseats after we got home. We all just slept in our driveway for about thirty minutes. That is, until I puked all over the driveway and was forced to come inside and clean off bits of what looked like carrot out of my hair. (Didn't know I ate carrots...hmmm.) I practically had to talk myself out of calling my mom and crying for her to come over and take care of me.

Actually, after we got in the house, Tyler had the biggest and longest melt down to date. OH MY!! I was in no mood to entertain him or coax him out of his temper tantrum so he just went on and on for about an hour, crying and carrying on about wanting to go back to Disneyland! I just laid there on my bed in my camisole and underwear trying to stop my head form spinning. At some points, Tyler would tug on my underwear giving me major wedgie! If I hadn't been so sick, I would have thought this was funny.

Oh, if you haven't seen the Aladdin show at California Adventure, I totally recommend it. It is soooo good! I was thoroughly surprised and impressed. For some odd reason, Claudia and I couldn't stop laughing for the first ten minutes. I don't know. For some reason, seeing young kids prance around on stage, dancing and singing, brought back memories of wretched high school talent shows, musicals, etc. Also, it reminded me of Richard's acting in numerous plays throughout his high school years. Did you guys know that Rich is a thespian and was even a lead in a high school musical? I totally don't remember one thing about this play except that he was dressed in a toga for the whole thing and looked rather gay, singing and wearing make-up. I'm so proud of my little brother.

One thing that dawned on me today. How come every time I call Jason to ask him when he's coming home, the answer is ALWAYS the same? "In thirty minutes." I call him at California Adventure. "I'm leaving in thirty minutes." I call him on the 5. "I'm leaving in thirty minutes." I call him half dead on our driveway. "I'm leaving in thirty minutes." I call him with a wedgie. "I'm leaving in thirty minutes." What gives? I'm not good with math or times, but can that be possible?! Something just doesn't seem right.

Thank God I feel better. Cause when mommies get sick, it's just sad on the whole family. Homes don't get cleaned. Husbands eat take-out for dinner. Well, that's every night over here but at least I had an excuse tonight!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was midsummer nights dream i was in the toga...i still cant believe i got sucked into that, but i dont think i looked "rather gay"

10:46 PM  

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