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Monday, January 04, 2010

Random pics from this month...

Tyler and Neela with their snow art.

Chase with a snow globe that we made with a baby food jar.

We decorated our tree!

You can't have Christmas without making a reindeer candy cane!

We planted basil plants we bought at Ikea. Super cheap and fun!

Look at what the boys gave us for Christmas! Surprise! Surprise! They made it at their school! haha...

Mommy got exactly what she wanted for Christmas...the Perfect Brownie! Now her brownies will be perfect! :)

Tyler found an old plastic Easter egg and he called it his Pedegg and started using it on his foot!

Poor Chasey with a nosebleed.

Tyler's girlfriend visited!

The boys had latkes to celebrate Hannukkah.

Another pic of the lovebirds!

Jason got this cool present from a patient...Isn't it so cute? It came with premade cookies and things to decorate the cookies with. I thought it was such a good idea, I just had to take a pic of it!

Neela and Tyler making a Christmas garland to decorate our toy area.

I love, love this sweater. Tyler wore it too. This will probably be the last Christmas that Chase can wear it. So sad to put away my favorite sweater!

Chase fell asleep watching tv.

This is what I get when I ask Chase to smile for me!

The kids got really good at playing dreidel!


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