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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Some random pics. Here is Tyler riding his bike without training wheels..this is his favorite thing to do these days!

My smiley Chasey.

Chase is my big boy now!

Chase with his first birthday present.

Isn't this a cute picture of Christina? Pregnant woman holding a pickle! Lauren will be here soon!

At school, our weekly theme was clothes!

Tyler and Nicole on a date at Red Mango. :)

The boys at Loews. We were walking by the sensor lights and they thought that they were doing magic!

With Susan, Chris, and Jee Soo. Can't wait to see Susan and Christine's baby!

Happy Birthday, grandma!

Jonathan always puts a smile on my face! Barbara, why are you hiding?!

At Farrells ice cream parlor with the Seongs!

Making sand castles together.

Picnics at the park.

Chasey and Riley love each other!

Susan! (and Naomi!)




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