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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Whenever Jason washes Tyler, he has a hard time getting all of Tyler's boogers out. So after he takes Tyler out of the bath, he will lay Tyler down on a towel and pick at his nose with a Q-tip. (Poor kid!) Of course, Tyler hates this and will fight it. And Jason usually says to him something along the lines of, "It'll be ok, Tyler. I'm a doctor."

A couple of nights ago, Tyler and I were laying down in bed and he started sticking his fingers up my nose. I told him to stop and told him that was dirty and that mommy had boogers. Immediately, he got up, went to the bathroom, got a q-tip, brought it back up to bed, and started sticking it up my nose! When I told him to stop, he said very sternly, looking at me straight in the eyes, "Don't worry, mommy. I'm a doctor."

Oh, how he brightens all my days!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tyler has such a great personality....he must take after his parents! I really do love reading these kinds of posts...

11:55 PM  

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