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Monday, July 16, 2007

Since I'm on the topic of fruit. I have to share something about Jason. He will not eat fruit that is not perfect, like the fruit has to be at its prime, sweet, tender...just perfect. He will take a bite and if it is not to his 100% liking, he will put it back in the fridge for me to finish. (I'm sure at one point, he tried to throw away his once bitten fruit and I probably told him to put it back in the fridge for me to eat. Talk about a waste to throw it out!) What kind of grown man does this? Doesn't he know there are starving children out there in this world? Of course, I like to eat fruit that is perfect too but I'm not always going to pick out the perfect watermelon or honeydew. I will knock on it, smell it, touch the skin, do whatever it takes to pick out the best one, but there will be times when I am disappointed in my selection. That doesn't mean I would throw the whole thing away! I find this behavior to be very odd for Jason. Mostly because it doesn't fit with the rest of his personality. Just thought I would share!


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