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Friday, July 13, 2007

Toilet Training. Two words very common for parents of two year olds. Some parents want this stage to be quickly done and over with. For me, I have absolutely no desire right now to go through the process with Tyler. First of all, I have no strength to even lift him up to the toilet without my huge stomach being in the way. I think toilet training could be physically taxing on parents and I shouldn't be moving too much. Also, I know that even if we were able to succeed in having Tyler trained before Chase arrives, I have a feeling that he will regress once he sees his little brother wearing diapers. Lastly, I think it is much easier to let him just go in a diaper! Oh my, imagine all the mistakes that he will inevitably make and looking for a restroom wherever you go. (Not that I go out, but I figure that would be a pain in the butt!) So, I will probably wait until Chase is 3 months old (when I feel things get a lot easier with babies) and then try to work my magic (bribery) on Tyler. By that time, I think he and I should be ready.


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