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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things have been pretty quite in the Kim house. I have another doctor's appointment today and I'm praying that I won't have to stay in the hospital again. I've been having more contractions so I don't know if the doctor will make me stay overnight for observation. I shouldn't complain about being on home bedrest. At least, I can see and play with Tyler every day!

Here are some things that Tyler has been saying lately. He is so talkative lately and seems to learn something new each day.

- "Umma, follow me. Come on!"

- When we ask Tyler where daddy is going, he replies, "To work." When we ask what daddy does, he says, "Doctor." When we ask where he works, he says, "Hospital." When we ask why daddy goes to work, he says, "To make money."

- Yesterday he came home and said, "Whitney pushed Tyler." When I asked if that was how he got a scratch on his knee, he said, "No, butt hurt."

- If I use Jason's pillow, Tyler will take it away and say, "Umma, that's ahpa's!"

- Once he asked grandma to buy him a Thomas train and she promise she would take him to Target once grandpa came back home. He was so happy and was hugging her. Just to see what he would do, I shook my head and said, "No Target, Tyler. You have enough trains." He looked at me and yelled, "That's mean!"

- Yesterday, I told Tyler I was the baby and that he was the mommy. I wasn't sure what he would do, but he gave me a "baby bottle," gave me a shower (while imitating things I say to him when I wash him), pretended to change my diaper, read me a book, hugged me, and told me "Don't cry, baby." It was too precious! Since I was acting like a baby (or him), I said to him, "That's mean!" and guess what his reply was: "No no Target!" He was acting like me! hahahaha.

Well, this post doesn't even do Tyler justice because it is so much more amazing to see him in real life. I think that this is the cutest time in a child's life...when he is learning to talk and put sentences together. It is the most hilarious thing!


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