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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yesterday was the last day of school for my students. Very surprisingly, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I guess it all just hit me all at once- that I wasn't there to say good bye and that this year did not end the way that it should have.

Plus, I was really upset with the sub when he told me that he has given away about $80 worth of my belongings that I had specifically told him not to touch. His reply: "There is so much to remember around here." I was so upset, I got off the phone rather abruptly. He later called to apologize, which he didn't have to do, so I felt a little better. I know that he didn't give my things away on purpose. I know that it must be hard to be a sub and remember so much information all at once. I know, and I should be more understanding.

At my last doctor's appointment, the doctor told me that Chase is already 91% in weight. When I told my doctor that Tyler was 9 lbs. at birth, she told me that I make really large babies. The more I research reasons that could have caused me to have a c-section when I had Tyler, I am more and more convinced that it was due to his huge size! I remember when I was in high school, someone once said to me, "You'll never have an easy childbirth. Look at your hips. A baby would never come out through there." Well, I guess that person was right. With the complications that I had with the last delivery, I'll be having a planned c-section when Chase is 37-38 weeks old. I'm a firm believer that the baby should stay in mommy's tummy for as long possible, but in my case, I'm so scared of what could be, that if the doctor told me it was safer for me to have my c-section at 34 weeks, I would listen.

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well! Happy Summer!


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