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Friday, June 08, 2007

My mom came over today, and after looking at Kate's pictures on the internet, she wanted to know when Tyler's bottom teeth came out. Since I didn't write down any of this information, I thought the best way to answer her question was to go back to some old pictures of Tyler to see when he had teeth in the pictures.

So, we came across these pictures and my mom gasped. She asked me what I was doing to her poor grandson and I answered that I was trying to get pictures of Tyler's teeth coming out. She shook her head and just laughed and laughed, and asked if there wasn't a better way to take pictures of Tyler's growing teeth.

I didn't find these pictures funny before, but since my mom was laughing at them, I started laughing too. Kind of sad, huh, that I would attack him like that! Poor thing!

"I was sitting happily at home in my very dirty NYPD shirt."

"My mom wanted to take a picture of my teeth and she thought this would be the best way!"

"Ahh, mom, let me go!!!"

Auntie Jenn, have fun in New York!

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