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Friday, May 25, 2007

So yesterday, things were ok when my in-laws dropped off Tyler. They didn't mention anything and was happy as always (at least on the outside!). I was so racked with guilt that I prepared a huge special feast for them. I try to make dinner for them as much as possible but yesterday I went all out. (Ok, so most of it was stored bought by my mom, but they don't have to know that!) I even made my father in law "special" bean rice and told him it was healthier for him (to show I want him to be healthy and live a long life). I even asked my mom to bring korean bread when she came to visit and I gave it to them as they left. I am a very weak girl. Make me feel guilty and I will feed you!

On my way to the doctor's appointment this Wednesdsay, I went to the BobaLoca store in Torrance. I had gotten 9 stamps on my frequent buyer card and I wanted to redeem it for a banana strawberry smoothie. Well, the Korean guy at the counter looked at it and said that he couldn't take it. I was like, "What! Does it not say BobaLoca on this card? Do I not have 9 stamps, which entitles me to a free 10th drink?" Like Tyler would say, "What the." He said that since the frequent buyer card at this location looks different, he couldn't accept the one I had. I was like, "Isn't this a chain store?" to which he replied, "Yes." I told him that it even said Torrance location on the card. I knew he could tell I was annoyed but he didn't budge. I wasn't going to stand there and fight the man for a drink so I just let it go, but dude, Korean people can be so shady sometimes, at least in business. Why even pass out the cards if they're not going to honor it? I came home, got on their website and wrote an email to them. I still haven't gotten a response and I doubt I will. So this is my revenge- reveal them as the liars that they are on my website. So there, BobaLoca, my five readers now know about you and your ways!

Two Tyler stories for the day:

- If I want Tyler to stop begging/screaming/crying to get on the internet, I try to coax him with books. Now, he just looks at it and says, "Boring!" If we are on the computer and I want to let him know that I'm tired of it, I say, "This is boring Tyler!" His response: "It's fun!"

- Tyler LOVES seeing people without their shirts on: babies, adults, himself, etc. He just thinks it's just the funniest thing and will laugh like someone is tickling him! He will say, "No shirt! Naked!" When we were at his doctor's appointment, he went through two Parents Magazine pointing out all the half dressed babies and children in it yelling, "No shirt! Naked!" on top of his lungs. The other mothers in the waiting room just laughed but I wonder if they thought it was weird!

Well, happy Friday to y'all. For some reason, I'm glad that it is a three day weekend. I guess I'm happy for Jason that he will get three days of rest. Too bad I can't go anywhere or enjoy the weather or go to a bbq or ...or...or... wah. wah. wah!

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