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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hello!! It's been awhile since I updated this site. Tyler's been home with a cold and the last thing I want to do with Tyler here is be on the computer because he will demand that we go on the Thomas the Train website! (I curse the day we showed him that site!)

So I finally hit the "Woe is me - I'm on bed rest and pregnancy is hard" stage. wah. wah. wah. Third trimester has hit and that's when you feel really fat and bloated. Yay fun! Men should really kiss the ground women walk on cause bearing children is no easy feat!

The other day I cried when I learned that the fish I've been eating throughout this whole pregnancy could be contaminated with high levels of mercury. Tears of guilt ran down my face. How could I have been so stupid? How come I didn't check more than one source? The ONE source said croaker was fine when eaten once a week, but when something felt fishy, literally, I decided to check some other sites, I read that white croaker should be avoided and croaker is fine. How am I suppose to know if what I've been eating is croaker or whte croaker? This whole fish thing is so confusing when you're pregnant! One book will tell you to eat lots of fish. It's good for brain development! Then another one will say that your child will be a retard if you eat too much fish! What is one to do? I called my mom at 6:30 in the morning and she told me that the nation of Korea would be full of dumb asses if eating croaker was toxic. I'm still scared for the well being of my child, but I had to laugh at that one.

We still don't have a name! Well, we like one but when we tell people, some will give us that look like they've just smelled a fart or somehing! Geez! I can see why people keep names to themselves until the baby is born. We should have done that too because now the name is tainted with looks of "Why would you do that to your poor child?"

Guess what I've been doing at home bored off my ass? (or should I say, bored ON my ass?) Ok, this is a bit embarrassing. I'm so bored that I've been doing my make up! Like, full on make up, with foundation and shadow and other stuff I ususally don't do. Jason will come home at night and ask, "Where did you go?" And I'm like, "No where! I'm bored fool!"

Here are a couple of things that Tyler's been doing lately:
- If he sees a bruise, he will touch it and say "Poor thing."
- He always wants to wear his Thomas the Train T-shirt. (I told Jason not to get that tacky looking shirt in the first place!) We have to hide it from him and he will look through his drawers and say "Thomas, where are you?"
- One time, he told me that he wanted to go in the bbang (korean for room). Just to see what he would do, I said, "Oh, you want bhang (korean for bread)." He got really annoyed, pointed to the room and said sternly, "No, mom...ROOM."

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my sweetie Katie...Happy First Birthday. Auntie can't wait to see you!

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