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Saturday, May 05, 2007

I've been feeling so bloated and fat these past few days! The past few weeks of inactivity is really getting to me. I ususally love the feeling of moving my body so just lying around like a damn bump on a long doesn't suit me one bit!

Yesterday, I went to the doctor's appointment and she told me to "take it easy this month" because I had gained 6 pounds in a month. I was going to say, "Take it easy?!!! Woman, you the one who put me on bedrest and I can't leave my house or even walk around my place and then you tell me to take it easy?" Once again, never say comments like that to a pregnant woman, peoples! I know she is my doctor and all, but I don't care to hear "take it easy" when it comes to my weight from anyone!

So after my appointment, I was in a bad mood and took it out on Jason a bit on the phone. When I got back home and explained where my foul mood came from: "I was hungry, I was wearing inappropriate clothes and, I feel fat!" His response: "What else is new?!" Haha, now, some of you may think that is mean, but we mean together so I think that's funny!

This morning, Jason says to me, "I'm so glad that the doctor's comment hit you so hard that you had an In n Out burger and chocolate chip ice cream for dinner, and now you're stuffing your face for breakfast!" (said while I shoving a buttery croissant in my mouth)

And after I thought about throwing the piece of croissant at him, I just continued to feed my puffed up face.

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