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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I went to my weekly Tuesday doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything looks ok and my doctor was really happy that we've made it this far. From here on out, we won't have to do bi-monthly tests and she won't check to see if I am dilated. This makes me feel as though I am safe and should be off bed rest. I think I'll ask her at my next week's appointment if I would walk around more. Her answer will probably be no, why jeopardize things when everything is looking so much better, but I still want to ask.

Afterwards, I got to see my cousin Heidi with Claudia and Katie. I love my cousin Heidi! She is like the funny cool stylish girlfriend that everyone wants. When I hang out with her, I can totally see how we (Claudia, her, and I) are related because we are alike in so many ways (not that I am a funny, cool, nor stylish!). One of our many similarities is that we LOVE children! I bet we would have like twenty children altogether if we naturally could. One thing I always lament about when I see Heidi is the fact that we were always too far apart in age to go party together! Heidi is 6 years younger than me. When I was going through my partying stage, she was way too young to corrupt, and when she was going through her partying stage, I was a total ajuma already! So sad, cause that would have been really fun.

Two Tyler stories for the day. Once in awhile, I try to bite Tyler's arms and say, "Yummy noodles." He will reply, "That's not noodles! That's my arm!"

One time I was doing the dishes and he came up behind me, while placing his hands on my hips and said, "Shake your booty, uhma!" This was so adorable because he said it with absolutely no prompting whatsoever.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous Heidi said...

It was so much fun seeing you. Thank you and Claudia unnie for coming by and making my day...
Love ya!!!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous jeesoo said...

hi cristina! it's jeesoo. omg, it's so amazing that you are on your second child. congrats! tyler is absolutely adorable. anyhow, just wanted to say hi. i liked your blog about how you get a high buying educational stuff for kids. it really puts things in perspective. i didn't know you LOVED, absolutely loved kids. did you always? or did it happen after giving birth to tyler? just curious. bye!

11:32 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

glad to hear that things are going well. tyler is so cute. i am sure he gets that "shake your booty" from you! hopefully he also inherits your dancing skills!

3:45 PM  

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