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Monday, July 23, 2007

I was looking through the ads in the paper yesterday and I noticed that it is that time of year again when college bound students go shopping. You know, to buy all that crap they will throw out after 4 years, like cheap bookshelves from Ikea and crazy cheap 55 piece kitchen sets for like $9.99.

It made me think of what a exciting time that was. I remember walking around Walmart and buying things like shower caddy and shower slippers, wondering what the next fours year of my life would bring.

One thing I remember about that time is that I told everyone who would listen to make sure they buy a shoe rack of all things. Well, I asked someone who I won't name what I should buy for college and she was so adament that I buy a shoe rack! (Not even the hanging kind! It was the shoe rack that you push under your bed!) She said something along the lines of, "I use mine everyday. Make sure you buy one." So I bought one and I probably told everyone else to buy one too. How lame! Like all you have to do is line your shoes under your bed... You don't need a shoe rack for that! I totally didn't use mine at all and I always felt bad that I told others to buy it too. Here is my apology to y'all.

Another thing I remember about that time is driving up to Berkeley for freshman orientation with Susan, her dad, and my dad. We stayed at a hotel, ate dinner together, and drove up to Berkeley together. How fun! I remember I was wearing totally inappropriate clothes for move in day (the story of my life, I tell you): black "skinny" pants, black shirt, and heels!! OMG, how utterly embarrassing is that?! Ok, so the heels weren't my crazy end-of-college 4 inch heels. They were more like tamer 2 inch heels. BUT seriously, who wears heels on move in day and all black in the middle of summer?!! I'm embarrassed just writing this! hahaha.

Oh, that reminds me. The first or second day we got there, after we said bye to our dads, Susan and I were walking right by Top Dog, and I totally fainted on the street! I remember telling Susan that I wasn't feeling well and then, bam, to the floor I fell. I think I had a nice dream and when I woke up, there were some people around me trying to help me up. The funny part about this is that, for days on end, whenever some people got sick and tired of me, they would tell me to go faint somewhere! How cruel is that! But, of course, I find this kind of mean humor funny so I would have the biggest laugh of all.

I miss the beginning days of college very much. Everyone who came from Whitney still were exploring together, buying our college gear, signing up for classes, and trying to figure out this thing called college.

Fun times.


Blogger susan said...

did you faint during the first week of school?! all i remember is that you were wearing those skinny black pants and that short-sleeve jean top that you loved. and after you fainted, we hung out in the La Salsa ghetto bathroom for a little bit. oh man...

that was such a long time ago!!!

2:01 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

The short sleeve jean top!! favorite! I think I finally parted with it last year. I miss it!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

Hahaha!! I actually remember meeting you...with your skinny black pants on and the high heals....and wondering how id ever make it through the year living with you! How funny.

8:29 PM  

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