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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tyler woke up every hour last night for various reasons. I realize that he is not a very heavy sleeper. He is half sleeping and at the same time, he will move and stretch out his body, waking himself up. It's cute the first couple of times and the rest of the times, Jason and I wish he could talk and tell us what is wrong!

I subscribed to Runners Magazine. The subscription was really cheap and I thought it would motivate me into doing something physical, not that my body could take any sort of running at the moment, jogging, sprinting, or any other leg movements, but I wanted to be completely motivated and ready for when my body could stand such vigorous movements. Well, the first mag came and I am so in awe of the bodies and the people on the pages. They showcased runners that ran 30+ marathons! Can you imagine! Not that I consider myself a "runner," but I love running (I even got in a awesome run overlooking the beautiful Hawaiian coast on our honeymoon while Jason slept !) and I miss doing it. It's been over nine months since I've had a good run and it kind of sucks. For the past nine months, I didn't want to run because I could imagine Tyler's little body being moved up and down and him wondering what the hell was happening and now, I can't because my body is completely whacked after labor and delivery. I am actually jealous of people who are able to work out! So if you are of sound body and mind, go do something physical and think of poor lilttle me and all the others who aren't able to.


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