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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I have two major pet peeves.

1. I hate it when people smack and make noises with their mouth. I can hardly stand eating next to someone who makes noises while they eat. It is so disgusting! I ate with someone before who chomped on their french onion soup...soup! I actually heard crunching from melted cheese and limp onions! It's gross enough to make one hurl while eating.

2. Another pet peeve of mine: when someone goes to an eating establishment with me and doesn't eat or picks at their food. Come on, if you weren't hungry, just say so, so we don't have to waste our money and just go for coffee instead! Why take me to a restaurant and make me feel like a damn hog while to pick at your own food like a bird? I personally think it is rude. (I hope the person who does this to me doesn't read this! know who you are, you rude ass girl!)


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