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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello there! I started advertising my home daycare today and I got my first home visit. He didn't ask me too many questions, looked around, and told me he trusted me rather quickly. He said he wanted to enroll (is that the right word?) his son asap but I told him that I'm starting the first week of Sept. He kept telling me how times were really tough for him right now because he has been out of work for about a year now and even asked me if I knew anyone who was hiring. Towards the end of our meeting, it seemed like he came over to ask me for a job or something! Don't know where this will lead, but I was very excited to have gotten one call back today! :) Sorry if this is boring but for the next two weeks, I will be totally engrossed in getting this daycare off the ground, so bare with me!


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