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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello! So I ended up not having internet for the past two days. We were "stealing" someone's wireless connection for a couple of days and then we couldn't get their signal anymore. (It was such a tease.) Anyways, we FINALLY got someone from Cox to come out yesterday and now we officially have our own internet access!! yay! I could jump for joy!

We are slowly getting more and more comfortable in our new house. I think once we get some dang furniture and decorate the place, it might feel more like a home. I really don't like furniture shopping at all and if we had the money, I would have an interior decorator do the whole house. Wouldn't it be great to walk into a model home every day? Every time I ask someone with a beautifully decorated home how they did it, they always answer that they copied the model home as much as they could. Too bad the model home for our house is long gone. Gosh, there must be some pictures of the model home somewhere in existence! I wish I could find them!

So it's almost August. I'm giving myself the month of August to reorganize my life and house. I need all the books off the floors and everything in its place by the end of August. I need to have a done family room so I could have people over. I need to organize the toys so we could have some play dates. I need to organize and get ready for the preschool. Every day, I feel like I taking some baby steps. Please God, let me feel settled into this house by September.


Blogger Christine said...

you'll get there soon enough. baby steps, or else you will feel overwhelmed and get no where. =)

5:10 PM  

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