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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh my word... could I be really back online? Yes!! I'm happy to be back because FB just wasn't cutting it for me! So Jason ordered this "notebook" for me and I just got it today. I like that it is light and compact, but dude, this screen is tiny! Can't be good for my eyes. I can feel myself straining, but maybe that is because I've been online for the last hour getting my internet "fix." (can't blame me. i haven't been online for the last two months or so, and the blackberry doesn't count.)

Oh, and before I forget. Does anyone out there have the book "Hi, Vodka, It's me, Chelsea" by Chelsea Handler? I joined this reading group and that is this month's selection. I know, what kind of book club have I joined to be reading this very highly intelligent book? haha. Trust me, I was surprised it wasn't something more like Pride and Prejudice, but then again, who am I kidding? Chelsea Handler is perfect for me!

So we've been in our new house for over two weeks now. We're still not done unpacking and organizing everything. Sometimes, I just feel so overwhelmed! I have so much to do, and seriously, it is hard to do ANYTHING with two young boys around. One is hitting the other, one thinks he is potty trained, refuses to wear diapers and pees on the floor, one is drawing with crayons on the tile, etc. Oh, and we don't have cable yet so I don't have the tv to babysit my kids while I do things either. I think I will have to find some temporary daycare for the month of August to take both the boys so I can get things done around here!

Tyler said something funny to me so I better write it in here before I forget it. I was ordering him around and asking him to do this and that. Finally, he said to me, "I'm sorry to say, but I'm still just a kid." haha. I was laughing at that one.

Chase is turning into my little man. He copies everything that Tyler does. I mean, EVERYTHING. In the last few days, he said two sentences. "I don't want it." and "I will get it." He is talking more, and I must say, I have done a fine job in turning him into a mama's boy.

In September, I'm going to pull Tyler out of his school and open up a little school here at my house. I've thought about this for a long time now (years actually) and I finally decided that it is time to just stop thinking about it and just do it. The more I think about it, the more excited I'm getting about it. I will dream up the ideal school that I wish I could have found for Tyler when I was working. It will be the perfect balance of being at a cozy home (there are so many life skills you could teach just by being in a home) and also getting the kiddos ready for kindergarten (I always thought that none of the preschools that Tyler went to ever challenged the kids enough). So if you know of anyone in the Irvine area who is looking for childcare, please give them my info. It will only be for children 2 and up (and potty trained). I will have a daily lesson plan with GOALS for each activity. My program will be highly focused on literacy and teaching higher levels of thinking. Since my boys will be in the "school," the parents can rest assure knowing that I want my own boys to learn and grow too so there won't be a moment of slacking off! Anyways, that's my plug for today. :) Please let the word out!


Blogger alice said...

OMG I LOVE ITTTTTT!!! i wish we lived in irvine too. call me crazy but i just thought to myself, hmm.. i wonder how much we can get for this house and move closer to cristina? hehe... i will DEFINITELY pass on the word for any mommies looking for awesome daycare! aw. i'm jealous.
but cristina, remember you promised me! when this "school" starts in the future, you PROMISED to teach there!!! hehe~ miss you!

9:28 PM  
Blogger Dr. Chen said...

The school idea sounds awesome! I have no doubt that it will all turn out great. We will definitely be spreading the word for you!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

the notebook screen may be small, but remember, you were using the bb all this time and so this notebook is definitely a step up. =) as for the school, know i am super excited for you!

4:24 PM  

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