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Monday, August 03, 2009

(I wrote this a couple of nights ago but for some reason, I couldn't publish it that night. Like I said, me and Tech- were not friends. He hates me.)

It is 1:47 and I'm waiting for Jason to come home so I think I will write something in here. I don't know why, but I am totally not tired at all! Well, maybe it's because I slept so dang much the last two nights. Hmmm...that could be it! I get SOOO tired for like two days out of the month. My bones actually FEEL heavy and it takes energy to even move my arms to write something. I'm not kidding. I'm pretty sure it's PMS because the tired feeling comes every month without fail. It comes with bad skin, crankiness, and a downright feeling of fugliness. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about, right? On the days you're PMSing, don't you just feel uglier than usual? (Oh. Maybe it's just me.) I look in the mirror and I'm like, "Whoa... what happen to you, sista? You ugly!" haha, but in all seriousness- men, be happy, be very happy, you don't have hormones that go up and down like waves in the ocean. Be happy of your constant state of bliss. Be happy that you don't find yourself uglier on certain days. Be happy you don't have stretch marks. Be happy you don't have to... dude, I could go on, but thing might start to get a bit crass for some of you. I'll just end there.

So tonight I had to move my car from outside my house to inside our garage. Why you ask? Well, because I live in a community that has a crazy ass association that makes up rules such a this one. I can't park where I want to, and if I wanted to park outside my house, I would have to show proof that there isn't enough space in our garage (because we have too many cars) and pay $75 a year! Sheer craziness! So anyways, I was really scared to move it so late at night. I'm really scared of the dark. Too many scary movies will do this to people, you know. Well, I just know some boogie man will jump out of the bushes if I go out at night. Again, I'm not joking. I will NEVER go out by myself at night. NEVER!!! Don't really know when this fear set in because I used to be fearless in my younger years! Damn, when I was at Berkeley, I used to walk home at like 2 in the morning from the library ALONE!! What was I thinking? And I remember stumbling to walk up the stairs to my apartment in my drunken state at like 3 in the morning after a night of partying when I lived with Jen. Once again, what kind of fool was I...did I really think I could fight off an attacker in THAT state of mind? And forget about running away in five inch heels. Well, I digress. What was I writing about? oh, so I was scared but I did it and moved my car all by myself. My heart was thumping and I was looking all around and I was holding my phone high up in the air (so any attacker could see that I am a finger away from calling the cops), and I did it! yay!! I'm not so wimpy after all.

Oh, of course, a post wouldn't really be a post without a saying from Tyler, would it? A couple of weeks ago, he sat on the toilet without a child seat and he exclaimed in triumph, "Mom, I'm a man now!" And then tonight, he asked me to wash kimchee for him and give him little pieces of it. When I asked him if it was too spicy, he answered, "I'm a man, remember?" And he ate all of it, even though his face was turning red and sweat was coming down his face.

He is so funny too. While other kids yell "Mommy" when they need to get their butt wiped. He claps his hands and slaps his legs as a sign that he needs me in the bathroom. He started this a long time ago at our old house. He says that it's sign language that he needs me in the bathroom. Funny guy. I didn't think it would last more than a week, but it's been months now and he still calls me like that.

Well, that's it for tonight. Hope Jason comes home soon...


Blogger Christine said...

you don't need to be scared...remember where you live? safe, safe, safe! tyler is so funny! he is such a little man now!

3:39 PM  

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