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Monday, August 03, 2009

I just had a bowl of ice cream at 1:00 in the morning. Nothing that my stomach needed. Or my thighs for that matter. I feel naseous.

I was looking at this girl's fb pictures. I've totally hit stalker status, cause I don't even know this girl. I was able to look at her pictures because someone I know posted a comment on her picture. (How does that work?) Anyways, I guess she was in korea this summer cause, well, the title to her pictures were Summer in Korea. (I'm a bright one.) When I was looking through her pictures, I got nostalgic and sad. I want to go to Korea again! I know we just went a couple of months back, but I really loved it and I wish I could spend a month there. I secretly wish I could live there. When I tell Jason to help his wife's dreams come true and I say the words, "Damn, doesn't your credentials just open doors for you?!" he responds by telling me I couldn't survive there even a week. Try me!

So I have to write about here about how much I hate public pools. I HATE it. Don't know who thought of it. Don't know why people LOVE it so much. I'm not joking. I just hate pools. I even hate summers because I feel guilty for not taking my boys to the pool. Here is my neighbor- she walks her two kids (same age as Tyler and Chase) to the pool every day making me feel even more guilty. I always told myself that I didn't take the boys to the pool because, how the heck am I going to deal with two kids in the pool by myself? And then, here goes Supermom over here making it look all easy and crap. Damn! So here are some reasons why I hate public pools. #1. Does anyone really need to see my thighs- my thunder thighs. I don't even want to stare at them as I dress. Do I really need to put my thighs out there for others? Don't think so. #2. I hate the sun. If I'm out in the sun for over one hour, I feel like I've aged at least a good year. If I'm in the water, I feel like I've aged a year in five minutes. I can actually feel my skin sagging and my wrinkles forming around my sensitive eyes. That hot feeling of the sun hitting my skin? It feels good for about a minute. And then I bolt for the shade and the only thing that will get me out is if Tyler or Chase is drowning. Don't talk to me about putting on some SPF. I know it helps an itty bit, but do you really believe that it's waterproof? Come on now, you go in the pool, and all the spf goodness in floating up to the top of the water. Which brings me to #3. Do you really know what inside a pool? I am sure that kids pee and some even poo in the pool. You know when you hit a warm spot when you are swimming in the pool? There ain't a heater under that spot. No! You just been hit with some kid's pee who swam away like someone walks away from their own fart. GROSS!!! now you thought you were swimming in clean water...but looks like you are swimming in your neighbor's urine! Oh and don't get me started on sweat. Last time I went to the pool, I saw this nasty sweaty guy jump into the pool with my precious boys in the pool, and I had enough and demanded they get out of the water immediately. So sorry, but pool parties are not my thang. And pool play dates? Even worse cause it's not even a special occassion! Oh, I just realized that I have reason #4. There is so much stuff to take to the pool! Towel, drinks and snacks, spf, life jackets, floaty things, etc. Gosh, it takes a whole day to plan this outing and a whole day to put things back! So, anyways, I much rather let the boys "swim" in their bathtub and call it a day! Now one day if I get a private indoor pool with a mighty filter, I might feel differently about pools. But for now, public pools are just not fun!


Anonymous susan said...

hahah! i agree with you on the unsanitary conditions of public pools. when i was interning at the County, they showed us a list of things that they found in a sample of public pool water. let's just say pee and poo weren't the worst of them. ew.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Dr. Chen said...

I think all the time about going back to Taiwan...I miss the food and my family there. We've actually decided to go every Chinese New Year from now on unless my Mom visits us here.

I don't have much experience with public pools, but I remember using the gated community a lot when I was young. I loved swimming during the summers and just being out in the sun. I think my experience differs greatly from public pools because there would rarely be more than a couple of people out at the pool and most of them were sunbathers.

Maybe you can get one of those kiddie pools for your backyard! You can stay inside (and away from the sun) while the kids are outside playing. I'm not talking about those super dinky small ones, they actually have some decent sized ones nowadays.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

Susan, that is too gross!!!

Dr. Chen, that's a good idea. I wonder if we have enough space for one. Did you guys get a place?

8:26 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

too funny! i agree with the sunscreen just coming off in the pool - you def see all that oiliness floating around. no wonder your skin looks so great - you are never in the sun! i just went to the pool this morning before reading this and now i must think twice before going!

3:45 PM  
Blogger M said...

We have 6 days left in our escrow for a place in Fountain Valley. It's been so stressful, but we are almost there!

8:20 PM  

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