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Monday, August 03, 2009

At the science center.

What's a movie without popcorn?

At church.

Tyler showing us how he threw a ring to win a stuffed Shamu. He was proud of himself!

Here he is with his Shamu!

Both the boys are time! Wahoo! I always tell myself that I will do this and that when and if they nap at the same time, but when it really happens, I tell myself, "Why would I go ruin this perfectly calm afternoon by waking them up with the dishes going into the dishwasher and the toys banging while I throw them back into the toy box." I'm so good with excuses not to get things done around here! I've mastered the art of making excuses for being lazy! :) I thank my lucky stars that Jason is not a complainer!

Here are some random pictures from the lat month or so. I tried to post more but I for some reason, it wouldn't work...the story of my life. Me and any sort of technology are definitely not friends!


Blogger Dr. Chen said...

He won that stuffed Shamu on his own? Wow..that's pretty impressive! I love the pictures, Cristina...keep them coming!

5:17 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

yes, he wow it by himself...with the very last ring. It was pretty amazing and everyone who around the game was shouting and congratulating Tyler...I'm sure this is one thing he will never forget! I'll try to post more pictures...very hard for me. you understand, Dr. chen!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous susan said...

that's awesome! good job, tyler! too cute!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

that poor many stitches has he had so far? =) and omg, is that jason WITHOUT his usc cap? did you hide it from him to wash it?

3:41 PM  

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