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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tyler is more on a schedule now and I can read what he wants by his cries. Yay! Motherhood is getting easier! The first few weeks, Jason and I were Dumb and Dumber trying to figure things out. You should have seen our first night at the hospital with Tyler. Our stupidity and lack of knowledge as far as how to take care of him is purely comical in hindsight.

I now understand why some people have babies and go back to work- It's much easier having someone else take care of the baby...Work is actually easier than taking care of a baby all day!

Count down begins to June 11th. Gosh, are we still in April?

I have to lose all this weight before I get back to LA. Before I see y'all. I still have a "pooch" that I find utterly disgusting! It's hard to lose weight when you have a husband who wants you to eat 24/7. I'm like, "Jason! Look at those fat ladies on Murry and Montel. Their husbands tease and hurt their woman for being fat and tell them to lose weight. You tell me to eat, eat, eat! Do you want a fat wife?! What is wrong with you! Tease me dammit so I will be motivated to lose my disgusting gut!" I mean, I'll try to eat something small and Jason will be like, "Eat! You have to eat more!" Anyways, I have a wedding to go to on June 18th so that is my motivation to lose weight. I don't want people to look at me and "understand" my weight gain because I've just had a baby. I just want my old body back! To think that I thought I was fat in high school, and then in college, and then after college. I would do anything to have any of my old bodies back... high school, college, or after college! Any body other than this "after baby" body! I foolishly thought I would just jump back to my old shape in no time. Seriously, I was very blind to all the things that happen/ could happen when you have a baby. SO SO blind.
Oh, and one more thing. I hate all those celebrities who look like they didn't have a baby like one week after giving birth. I hate them! Did they really have a child or did they use a surrogate? I see these pictures of them in US wearing bikinis and I want either barf or shoot them!

Well, I think I will go now and do some exercises. All this talk about weight is making me feel very unproductive!...How will I burn any calories sitting here!


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