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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've posted about this before, but my son has OCD! Man, he loves to point out when things are messy. For example, he likes to point out dirty cars on the road and tell me that it needs a car wash. ("Mommy, that red car is old and dirty. It needs a car wash. It is yucky.") Yesterday, we had this conversation:

"Mommy, you vacuum?"
"No Tyler. Why do you ask?"
"The floor is dirty."
"Where?" (laughing)
"Here and here and here and here..." (pointing to spots on our dirty carpet!!!)

Haha..I was laughing. Tyler is totally saying his own ideas and thoughts now, putting words together to make completely unique sentences on his own, ones that he has not heard before so it's really fun to talk to Tyler these days.

Another funny conversation?

"Mommy look! A pumpkin patch!"
"Yes, but this pumpkin patch is small. Not like the one by Emo's house that we went to. That one had rides and a lot more pumpkins. It was a lot better. Don't you think?"
"Yeah. Emo's house is big and pretty. My house is small and ugly." (OH MY GOD!! I was freaking laughing! How does he know that? I mean, it is the truth but can he SEE the difference at 2 and a half years old?!)
"Really, why do you say that?"
"Emo's house is big and I like Katie's bed."
"You like Katie's bed? Her bed is a crib and it is for babies. You are a big boy."
"Mom, I am a baby too."

The conversation went from there but I just was amazed that he put all of that together, that he was able to realize the difference of Claud's and our home and be able to tell us. I later told Jason when he got home and Jason didn't quite think it was as funny as I did. He just said it was sad and that we would have to move ASAP. haha...I thought that was cute too.


Anonymous susan said...

goodness, i need to visit y'all soon. tyler is growing up, and i'm totally missing it. he's not a baby anymore...

keep posting!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

that is too funny! tyler is such a cutie! and i love the ocd-ness about him too!

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Alice H. said...

believe me, i'd like to move into claudia's place too. ha ha. congrats on your second boy...he's a keeper!

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Alison Choi said...

Can I have TYLER?
He's like a grown man in a 2 1/2 year old body! He's going to be one CLEAN, smart, good lookin kid!!! :)

8:01 PM  

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