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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hello, it's been so long since I wrote in here. Yes, Chase is a very easy baby to take care of, but I'm still exhausted and take every quiet moment to sleep and relax. I'm still sore from my c-section, which sucks because I really wanted to go out by now!

I'm going through a bit of an blogger identity crisis, where I want to share things but at the same time, I wonder if I'll be sharing too much. I am pretty much a open book to people. If you ask me a question, I will always answer you honestly- sometimes to my own detriment. It's one thing if I don't share something, but if you ASK me something, I will be upfront and honest with you. Anyways, there are things in my life that are going on right now, but I'm too shy to share and wonder if I'll regret having diarrhea of the mind. Hopefully, my little "crisis" will resolve itself and I will continue to write in here.

Tyler was in a small car accident this morning. His first one, and hopefully his last. My father in law was driving him to preschool when they were rear ended. I heard he jerked quite a bit and I'm worried that he might experience some back pain tomorrow. We decided that it would be best if he didn't go to school today and he's been with me all day. His first words when he got back? "Car stopped and my candy fell to my knee." Obviously, he was eating candy on the way to school. Ah ya, the truth comes out- I told my in-laws to stop giving him candy!

I don't think Jason and I look alike at all. With that said, there are millions of different looking children that could be made if you combine our facial features. And, with THAT said, you have to wonder how in the world is possible that Chase and Tyler could look so much alike! Ok, so Chase is only 4 weeks old and I'm sure that things will change and they might not end up looking so alike later in their lives. But, for now, when I look at Chase, I think I'm having de ja vu and I'm holding Tyler up in Portland. A little freaky. The both have Jason's head shape (though Chase's in a little bit on the smaller side), they have my eyebrows, they have Jason's nose and my mouth. The eyes- we won't be able to tell until Chase is a little bigger but we think he has double eyelid like Tyler (which comes from Jason because I didn't get my double eyelids until much later in life). I know. Too much unnecessary information! But, it's just funny. I know that siblings look alike, but at this point, my boys could be twins!

I'm so sick of being fat! I still have so much weight to lose. I can't weight till I am all healed and can walk around! At least some sort of movement would be good for my mind and spirit since I have been a couch potato for the last 6 months!

Happy early birthday to Richard! I'm not exactly sure how old Rich is. He always seems so much older than he really is. There were times in my life when Rich definitely seemed older than me but then his birthday would come up and I realize that he is 7 years younger than me!


Anonymous susan said...

keep posting!

2:02 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

thanks for the update. i look forward to reading your blogs each day! hope tyler is okay!

10:26 AM  

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