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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Went back to labor and delivery on Saturday. I had pretty regular contractions about every 10 minutes. Jason and I thought I could possibly be in labor. I thought it was too early to have the baby (I'm only 35 weeks still.), but Jason was as excited as could be! False alarm. I was sent home after 3 hours of observation. This was my fifth visit to L&D. At this point, I am sure that they have a picture of me in the doctor's station with the caption, "Watch out for this woman. We are sure she is a hypochondriac/liar and likes to waste our time." All I can say is: Better safe than sorry. If I ignore my contractions and end up having one of those incredibly quick vaginal births at home, I'm screwed big time. Plus, I live in Torrance and my hospital is in Westwood so I really don't have time to be idle, especially if there is heavy traffic on the 405. Ok, now I'm scaring myself!

Yesterday, we had a birthday gathering for my mother in law at our place. Of course, it was really crowded and hot, but I had lots of fun! I love seeing all the cousins play, especially now that Tyler is bigger and can participate. While the boys were playing with a ball, Jason's grandmother (Tyler's great grandmother) took the ball and threw it at Tyler's face...on purpose! She thought it was funny and was laughing. I was so aghast at her actions! It wasn't a hard ball. It was one of those cheapy ones that they sell at the supermarkets, but still! Tyler looked shocked but he was fine so I just let it go, but when she did it a second time, I was ready to yell at the woman! I mean, that's not even funny! And why at his FACE, for crying out loud! Tyler didn't cry but his eyes welled up with water. I couldn't believe it! I hugged him and swore that if she did it one more time, I would give her a piece of my mind. Well, thank god she didn't do it again because that would have been an uncomfortable confrontation in front of everyone. Geez!

Jason and Tyler are at the beach this morning. Boo hoo for me. Tyler loves going out with Jason. Lately, when they leave, I say, "Tyler, stay home with uhma." He says, "No, I want to go with ahpa." And if I ask where he is going he will reply, "Beach and Target and park," while practically running out the door. If I ask him if I could go with them, he says, "No uhma, you stay home. Uhma aya (Korean for sick). Go to hospital."

36 weeks next week! Yay! Almost there! My little turkey is almost done cooking. Oh, I went to the market the other day and three people asked if they could touch my stomach. People always think that I'm ready to "pop" at any moment. Since my actual due date is August 29th, I technically have a month left. If I tell people this, their eyes get really big and they tell me that I'm huge and look like I'm ready to give birth any day now. Every pregnant body looks differnt, but my stomach is very low and it just sticks straight out making my tummy look huge!

Well, have a happy week! ;)


Blogger Christine said...

tyler is so cute! and you are right - why hit someone in the face with a ball? doesn't make sense. man, serious restraint on your end not to get mad.

12:48 PM  

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