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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I want to go shopping!

It's been pretty bad this past month cause I want to go shopping all the time. At mom's group last week, the ladies were talking about saving money, not wasting it on things we don't need, etc..... and guess what I did right after that meeting? Go shopping, of course! All that talking about shopping made me want to buy something! haha...

It's not like me to want to go shopping all the time. Trust me, I've had major dry spells when I didn't step foot into the mall for months at a time. When we lived in Portland for a year, I went to the mall twice- once when I realized that I needed some stuff for the rainy cold weather and once when I went to buy maternity clothes.

Some girl at moms group was saying that living in Orange County affects her shopping and I totally agree. Like I said, I went a year going to the mall twice in Portland and even when I was living in LA, I didn't feel this NEED to go shopping. And then, we moved to Orange County and everyone seems to be dressed so nicely in all the latest trends and fashions, in all the big name designers and it kind of changes the way you look at things. It's like, "Why can't I get that too?" mentality.

At mom's group one year, three ladies in my group were rocking Chanel purses at our first meeting. I looked down at my Old Navy purse and  felt sorry for myself and made a mental note to go buy a purse that week. Of  course, I didn't go crazy and get a Chanel purse but I did get something nicer than my sad looking Old Navy purse! I didn't think anything about it at the time and just told myself that I needed that new purse but looking back, I think that peer pressure definitely played a huge role in my purchase!

Lately everything looks so cute and I want to buy everything. How much of it do I really need? NONE OF IT. Really, how many shirts and pants do we need? We live in this society where clothes and other material things are so disposable- wear it a couple of times and just get rid of it to get more stuff. I'm guilty of this. And truly- THAT'S SAD.

Anyways, don't know why I'm confessing this all to you at 8:10 in the morning when I should be getting ready for the kids to come. Just something I was thinking this morning (while looking on the internet for my next purchase) that peer pressure in not something that you experience as a pimply junior higher, it hits you even at the ripe old age of 32.

I feel like such a nerd! :)


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

maybe i'm trying to justify my crazy shopping habits and clothing purchases, but nice clothes/purses/accessories actually make me happy! i also work and live in the fashion industry where i am continually exposed to the latest trends and i just can't help myself! we are also helping the economy with our purchases, right? :)
i love your honesty in your blogs! it's so refreshing! love you! xoxo, kris

11:23 AM  
OpenID hyoeun said...

yes, i totally agree about the peer pressure thing - i should be over it by now, no? i'm not a trendsetter nor will i ever be - so honestly, i don't need that much stuff either. hear, hear cristina.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

you are too funny! i get that way too, esp if i haven't gone in a while. buy something nice for yourself and don't feel guilty! you deserve it!

10:28 PM  

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