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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I had an epiphany the other day. Do I bitch too much about my life in here? I don't mean to at all, but I think as most bloggers know, it's easiest to write when things get frustrating or annoying because writing on the computer is such an easy outlet to let out any anger. I mean, it's all my thoughts and no one can answer that I am not to feel this way or anything like that. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I was thinking that I must be giving Jason a bad rap in here and so here is my "Jason post" for y'all who ever wondered what kind of guy I married.

Jason is a man's man. Nothing girly about him whatsoever. He is not sentimental, sensitive and he doesn't show his emotions. He is the most even tempered guy I have ever met. He doesn't have highs and lows, which I honestly had HUGE problems with in the beginning when he didn't show any HIGHS when he was around me... I mean, shouldn't he be doing jumping jacks and dancing in the streets to be around such an amazing woman, I used to think and, oh, didn't I let him know it. :) He is constantly in the state of contentment and is content with anything that is thrown at him. Like I said, he is never overly happy or sad. He is content with the state of things. He lets things be as they are. He doesn't feel the need to change things that are happening around us or things that cannot be changed.

So, that brings me to the next faucet of Jason. In his little akuta matada state, he NEVER nags me. EVER. He never tells me that I have to do something a certain way. He has never told me to clean up the house or make him a nice dinner- and trust me, he could have. He has never scolded me or told me to raise the boys any differently than I am. He has never told me to dress differently, get a different haircut, or tell me to be someone that I'm not. Never told me to spend less money or not to do something that I wanted to do (well, he might beg me to change the date, but you get the idea.)

We are a team. We totally work together. I know that sometimes I write on here that I'm doing a lot of the home stuff around here while Jason's at work. Well, to be fair, maybe I should write that he did everything on a to do list of 15 items around the house this weekend. Maybe I should add that he talks and plays with the boys like NO OTHER father I have ever met.

Claudia describes him best when she says, "Cristina, Jason is the most simple man to figure out. He loves his children with everything. Sometimes, he needs some quiet time to just be in his thoughts. He hates to be nagged. He likes to eat a good meal every now and then- doesn't even have to be home cooked- just like a good meal. Probably would like to get some lovin' once in awhile. He works hard, comes home, and all he really asks is that the you and the children are happy." So true.

I think it's just IN married women to complain about their husbands. Why? Well, probably because our men aren't perfect and it's funny to hear stories of husbands filthy socks laying around and how they don't help around the house. And, I'm no different. I think it's funny to talk about the little things Jason does to irk me, but I've said this before. Jason is the perfect man for me. Perfect. He took this selfish, self centered girl and turned her into a woman! (Now, I'm sounding like a country singer!) I know that I would be miserable lady somewhere making another man miserable if I never met Jason.

So, here is my post to the man who will never read this. :)


Blogger Christine said...

awww, too sweet. i definitely can see how different you and jason are but also how perfect you are for each other. it's a shame that he doesn't read this bc you definitely love him and it shows!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Missy Krissy said...

jason is perfect for you, otherwise you wouldn't have married him! you two definitely complement one another, and it's so obvious that you are in LOVE with him! so happy for you guys! love is wonderful and a gift!

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you are super cute. you know what makes you so lovable, you are so open and honest about yourself, which really means tells me that you know yourself and like yourself just the way you are. thanks for sharing!

1:53 PM  

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