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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I haven't been good about taking pictures at all the last two months, but here are some random ones!

Sitting on Tyler's bed.

Another one in Tyler's room.

Tyler likes to make hats and put them on his head.

Chase and his friend playing "volleyball" with a balloon.

Tyler's favorite activity is rollerskating with his daddy.

Spanish class.

Tyler practicing the piano.

Music teacher comes once a week to school.

Tyler with mommy.

Tyler's letter to his friend Neela. I only helped him write the word whole and he wrote everything else himself!

Letter to daddy about two months ago.

Goofy's kitchen for Brady's birthday. So sad we didn't get any of the birthday boy!

Goofy's kitchen was so much fun with all the characters that come out! Thanks Brady!

We have some "girl" toys for the girls at the school.

I think the boys like playing with it!

Chase mad on the treadmill. I love it when he makes this face because you can really see his fat! Thanks hyoeun for the golfclubs!

Tyler took this pic of me at a restaurant.

Tyler insisted he buy this hat!

Chase's room. We thought we were so creative when we got a daybed and turned it around to make a "crib." ;)

Chase talking on the phone with Uncle Rich. We wish he didn't move to SF so we could see him more often!

This is how Chase eats a strange!

Brothers forever!


One art lesson we did this month. Add various amounts of white to turn the black into different shades of gray. The one with the C is mine.

Chase is my big boy. Every time I see a pic of our house, I want to bust out some paintbrushes...the walls are so white! My next project is to paint some of the walls!

Painting with two balls.

At the airport to pick up grandma and grandpa from Korea.

They were really happy to see the boys!


Blogger Christine said...

aww, the boys are too cute. i can't believe how big tyler is getting and i love the way chase eats the banana.

9:53 PM  
OpenID hyoeun said...

rollerskating! wow, impressive. i'm glad you like the golfclubs! love the pics, keep them comin'! how do you come up with the art projects? do you have a big book or does it just come your head? tyler looks super tall!! look at his long legs (pic #1).

10:49 PM  

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