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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can't believe I haven't written in here is so long! Not much is going on. The days are passing by me like a big blur. I wake up at 6:30 every morning and can't believe when dinner time rolls around because it feels like I just woke up!

Chase is talking more and that means one thing at home... FIGHTS! The fights are in full force here at the Kim house. The boys are fighing for every little thing these days and it is seriously driving me crazy! I looked in my rearview mirror today while I was driving and saw Chase full on slap Tyler in the face and Tyler was about to slap Chase back but I stopped him in time. Oh my! Sometime I can't believe that I have two boys!

I went and got a $20 haircut a couple of weeks back and guess what? It looks just like $20 haircut....crappy. Last time I go to a chain store to get a haircut! What the heck was I thinking?! haha....

I just turned in all my paperwork for Tyler to go to Kindergarten this September. Kind of makes me sad to see him grow up. :(

Someone suggested to me this afternoon that I should charge hourly to teach kids how to read. Hmmm... made the little wheels in my head turn. I love teaching kids how to read and find it the most rewarding thing to do. I think I will one day. The "seed" was planted in my head today. It will take some years, but I can totally see myself doing this in a couple of years, maybe when both the boys are in school.

ok, hope you are having a great week! :)


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

hi! 2 boys are a handful. why is it that the 2nd child is more hot tempered and wilder than the 1st born? hee hee. :)
man, craziness in the Kim household. but sounds fun too! :)

11:50 AM  
Anonymous susan said...

i went to supercuts once to get a haircut. i figured i didn't need to go to a fancy salon to get a trim... but dude, you seriously get what you pay for. never again... well, knowing me, i might again... haha

dude, you're so busy! can we please talk on the phone or see each other?

hang in there, mommy!

3:05 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

Hey kris... I miss you, girl! we need to talk!

susan, i know! let's get together soon!!! miss you.

11:01 PM  

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