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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Random thoughts...

1. A neighbor came over to visit my school and when she was leaving, she had a few things to say about our front lawn. She said, "You need to get your front lawn done. This is the first thing perspective parents see when they walk up to your school and it's not a good impression." Talk about honesty! If parents don't send their children to me because of my front lawn, I don't want them at my school to begin with! Haha, it's not like the kids are frolicking out front!

Ok, so it's totally full of weeds and it's crawling up the sidewalk, but I NEVER thought that it was so bad that someone would bring it up to me! Then, it made me think of things that I might otherwise never think twice about that other people might take notice and think badly of me.

The first thing I thought was how long I let the boys' hairs get. I mean, when it's covering up half their ear, that's pretty bad, but I don't care! They're young! But, I started thinking that some people might take offense.

Here's another one- my boys have some shirts and pants that have holes in them. One day they thought it would be fun to use their scissors and cut small holes in their clothes! It's so wasteful to throw those clothes away so I still put them on them! I was thinking that someone is going to see the holes and think really negatively about me!

2. Yesterday, I got mad at Jason. Let me tell you why. My boys have totally stopped taking their naps during the day. That means that I am watching them from 6:30-7:30 every day, and some days are not picnics in the park. And, I don't ask much from Jason AT ALL. But yesterday, I asked him to put the boys to bed. So easy to do since they are already washed up and in their pjs (by me!). All he needs to do is brush their teeth and plop them in bed. But, get this. Whenever, he puts them to bed, he doesn't brush Chase's teeth! It's the oddest, strangest thing ever to me. He says that he doesn't know how? WTFrick?! Don't know how to brush a kid's teeeth? It ain't rocket dang surgeon. I mean, whenever he does this, I totally think that he does it on purpose because it's like him saying to me, "You don't like the way I do it, then you do it." And that got me SOOO mad last night and I let him know it. I'm proud to say that banged around the kitchen while he watched his precious ESPN like I've never banged before.

Ok, gotta fun, kids will be here any minute! Bye!


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

your stories are so darn fun and entertaining. i'm proud of you for putting your foot down! you are a good wife and mother! i hope i can be as great as you!

10:24 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

haha, i love it!! guys are so smart pulling that "i don't know how" business. i've got five words for you...power of a positive wife. yeah right!

10:44 PM  

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