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Sunday, February 28, 2010

It was a great week full of Korean pride...First, John Park is safe for another week on AI. Whew... (John, you need to work on that song selection, but you will always have my vote!)

And then, of course, there is Kim Yuna's win in figure skating. I've NEVER seen her skate...not ONCE, but she won me over with her short and long program. I've seen other skaters do jumps, but Yuna's jumps look like so light and airy. She is adorable and I am a fan (you have to say "pan" like how koreans say the word "fan"). Oh, and aren't her skating outfits the cutest? They look so modern and classy! I loved everything she wore at the Olympics...can't say the same about her competition...can you say "chohn shi ruh wuh??"

I love ice skating!! I used to take lessons when I was little so I can totally relate to Kim Yuna and her jumps. Well, I could only do one twirl so maybe not TOTALLY relate, but somewhat. And don't you laugh at the thought of me doing twirls in the air... sorry about the unneccessary disturbing visual. haha...Well, I'm so inspired by the Olympics that I have Tyler and Chase pegged to do something on ice. Figure Skating? Over Jason's dead body. Ice hockey? Possibly. Speed Skating? That's another possibilty!

Olympics are just so inspiring. I wish I could write more about how the Olympics has inspired me but it's a beautiful morning and I need to give my boys their first skating lesson! haha....


Blogger Christine said...

i can totally picture you doing twirls on the ice along with your etiquette classes!

9:09 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

Haha...too bad I can't skate now and I have no etiquette! hehe...

9:16 PM  

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