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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm feeling the momentum right now! :) I've made some major changes to my daycare/ preschool and I'm feeling good about it. Right now, I have two students signed up and they'll be joining me next week. I'm not advertising or anything at the moment. I'm going to take it real easy, settle the two children in, get into a groove, and take on more children when I am ready. Small baby steps.

So, why did I decide to open up a daycare/preschool? It's the most perfect job for me at the moment.
I've been itching to go back to work.
I get to do what I love- be with kids and teach them.
I get to stay home with Tyler and Chase.
I do everything I would do in a school setting (lesson plans, monthly newsletters, deal with parents, etc) in the comforts of my own home.
I can make some money. It's not much, but I like the feeling of making my own money.
I get to plan "ultimate" days for the kids in my care.
I feel like I'm making an impact on the kids who are in my care.

We spent this weekend getting the house ready and now that it's almost done, I'm getting super excited! Now, it's time to really get all the paperwork finished until I am proud of it! :)


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