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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Did I tell you guys that I recently found all my old pictures after 7 years! I thought I left them at my mom's house but she told me that she hasn't seen them anywhere, so for awhile I thought all my pictures were long gone. So, one Saturday, I decided to just go over there myself and check all the boxes in her garage, and guess what?! I found them! My prayers were answered! Anyways, it's been so much fun to look at all the old pictures and relive old memories. I told Jason that I love looking at old pictures and his comment to me was, "I don't live in my past." For some reason, that cracked me up.

So, I have so many pictures with this beauty, Susan Park, now Susan Kim, but for some reason, this one tops as my favorite. God knows it's not my favorite because of the way I, can my mouth get any bigger?! But, we were so young and giggly, Susan took this picture with her outstretched arm, and I totally remember the moment she took it.

Thank you to Susan for the many years of friendship....all the laughter we have shared and even some tears as well. Thanks for growing up with me and always being there for me. You are truly, truly one in a million. Everyone would be blessed to have a friend like you in their lives. We'll take one just like this one when we are in our fifties. It sure won't be as cute :), but it will make me just as happy to look at it.


Blogger Christine said...

ahhh! love it. you two both have beautiful smiles!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous susan said...

i don't know if it's my hormones, but you almost made me cry. good times... i'm glad someone has documentation of my youth. thanks friend!

8:34 PM  

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